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  1. Does anybody here have experience with the Focal Alpha's - the Alpha 65 or the Alpha 50 ? After having listend to a pair of them this topic is obsolete.
  2. vielen Dank Werner - in der Tat schade, dass dieser Teil des Forums eher verwaist ist. So sollten wir in Zukunft mehr tun hier ......
  3. that is absolutely beautiful - thanks for your music
  4. thanks for the question, Phil. I always play with fingers (no nails like classical players). I have to admit I even don't know how to use a pick properly. greetings sprucewood
  5. thanks a lot for the compliment Kraz - I really appreciate that !
  6. A new track as an example for an ongoing project in which I mainly used the electric guitar - recorded and produced during the last months. All guitar tracks were recorded using Magix Vandal, sequencer-like tracks were recorded using my Stratocaster together with a temposynced gate combined with a delay. Mixed and mastered in Samplitude Pro X3. Enjoy listening !
  7. Thanks a lot Terry - nice to read about the pictures that come to your mind. That what music is about (at least for me): To let emerge another state of mind
  8. My first post in this part of the forum. This track was completely produced using Sampllitude Pro X3. NI - FM8 was used for the bass-synth,and NI-Battery 4 was used for the perccussive sounds. Otherwise there are electric guitars ( with NI-GuitarRig 5 or Vandal )and acoustc guitars. Soundprocessing and mastering done with Samplitude Pro X3 and its plugins. Thanks for listening https://soundcloud.com/sprucetop/novemberfog
  9. Not anymore. Apparently the new Universal Audio Apollo interface/UAD Card lets you track with plugins! I've got a friend who bought one, and he's loving it. Yes, but only with UAD plugins, and the Apollo is not a DAW. If routed correctly the plugins can be used like a preamp or any other processor, amp or whatever at the front-end. But only if they´re UAD. Unless Vandal becomes a part of UAD it still won´t be possible - unless there will be other solutions from Sascha´s side in future. Regards, Matthias Hello, first time contributing on this forum, even though I'd been very actively educating myself around here for 2 years now (thank you very much to all regular contributors!) As far as I know, Reaper is the only DAW that lets you record your monitoring output signal. So if you want to commit to whatever plugin you'd been monitoring through you can. I always record a dry duplicate though, just to have an option. Good day wherever you may be, Faustin. deleted
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