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    Playing guitar, tambura and basicaly every stringed instrument I can get hands on. Recording & producing. Programming, computers and technologies in general. Reading, watching movies and a lot more.
  1. You can't buy the VB anymore, cause Steinberg stopped selling VB and VG. I would recommend the Trilogy with IK Multimedia Ampeg VST (this Plug is great!!!). Sidechaining again , but can you elaborate a bit more on Ampeg, i.e. is it alone can fit nicely into a track (i.e. not mixed with tracked bass amp)? I know that this rather sounds like a bit vague question (and it is ), but just your experience...
  2. Was wondering how did you get that question, when I looked into my signature So out-of-topic, but yeah I played all sorts of classical stuff nearly 20 year ago at my classical guitar lessons. Since it didn't sound that cool for a contemporary teenager at that time, I switched to highly distorted electrics. But I am still having some joy with my classical and some other fine acoustic instruments from time to time.
  3. Yup. For that I use Robota (included in Samp Pro) or some (church/synth) organs, although not quite getting the attack and the punch of a "something-with-strings". The option will be using synths, such as Minimoog VA (do search at Google on it, if you think it'll make use for you), little freeware Moog/like synth. But...being a guitar player, I bow before the stringed instruments, ya know
  4. IMHO results with all pitch shifting/lowering in this case / and bass emulating effects with hardware devices do not provde satisfactory results. I would rather pick a cheap Squier/Washburn/Ibanez/Yamaha real bass, record it and then USE am|phibia
  5. Tell me in what direction you will be looking and I will be looking in that as well waiting to see it "Mono" get's my vote !!!
  6. ^True. That's why I am saying it is a realy bad habbit. Heh a bonus always sounds great But when you have a great product with great people behind it is quite easy to spread the word around. By the way I just got my Samp 10 box. Some mistake (read human stupidity) in the local post office kept me away from my long awaited box for almost a week.
  7. If I quit on this, as well, I will be watching for my angel wings to grow up as sign of my innocence... Should have at least one really bad habbit Though I recently got "electronic cigarette" that reduced my smoking habbits significantly. It is harmless to the surrounding people, doesn't have any smell, much cheaper in long term.... I feel that I will drop the "analog" pretty soon and go pure "digital" here;)
  8. ...and smoking areas (don't jump on me - we - the bloody smokers are already a minority ) , although I know for a fact that Nikolay is a non-smoker... Cheers, pal - welcome to the Samp family, I'd like to think that I have my fair share in this Niki ...eeehhh and still not received my SFR Samp v.10.
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