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  1. Hi, Are there any plans to make a downloadable version of Vandal for OSX? Currently, only the Windows version is downloadable. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll do that.
  3. MEP15 is a fairly decent video editing program. Greg I'll give it go. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Greg! That's a big help. Isn't an option to show the CPU load for the entire project, though? BTW, it's good to see you here, Greg.
  5. I'm just starting my first tentative steps into Samplitude world. One thing I was looking for was a CPU load or Performance meter that is normally found in DAW software to see the current load on computer resources. Does Samplitude have one? If so, where can I find it? Thanks
  6. Well, I had my copy of Samplitude Pro 11 delivered to my office. To my surprise it had a copy of Movie Edit Pro 15 inside. Is it any good? What concerns me though is that I couldn't find a serial number anywhere even though in the manual it said it should be on the DVD case. It did have a dongle though. Is that right or should I have a serial number there? *edit* Sorry, I didn't realise that I was reading the wrong section of the manual. I was reading Samplitude 11, not Samplitude 11 Pro. I'm now at home and have successfully installed, registered and updated Samplitude 11 Pro. I'm well happy *edit*
  7. Cheers, Iain. Much appreciated.
  8. I should be getting Samplitude 11 Pro delivered tomorrow. I tried the demo and I was pretty damn impressed with the whole workflow and power. I do have a question, though. Is the CodeMeter USB dongle included in the box or does it have to be bought separately?
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