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  1. Could someone please explain to me the differences between VariVerb Pro and the version of VariVerb that came with my copy of Sampitude 11 I purchased recently? I have tried to find the differences myself but I cannot seem to find much about them. Thanks
  2. Hi All: I just picked up my copy of Samplitude 11 crossgrade and all I have to say is: Where the heck was this program 4 years ago? I have been struggling with Sonar since version 7 but when I bought NI Abbey Roads 60's and 70's Drums that was it. For whatever reason (could be just me) there seemed to be some annoying resonance in the snare (and incredible amounts of junk low end in the bass drum) that no matter how I compressed it, EQED it, whatevered it I could never really got rid of it. Then I Googled "do Daws sound different?" and like I said, I just picked up my copy of Samplitude 11 crossgrade.... This is my first experience with a DAW since returning to music after taking a short break (8 years) but I have been working with computers in my music since 1987 (Atari 1040STe) as sequncers only. They were always synced to tape and worked with all outobard gear. When I started getting into this DAW thing I figured that is how it sounds and it appeared I was going to be staring down a long mixing session and shelling out some more cash for some good analog emulators. NOT NOW!! SAM 11 makes every VST I have come to life. They have never sounded so good. Works great and sounds great with my EMU 1212m and even makes my M-Audio BX8A Deluxes bearible! My HS50Ms ... aaah you get the picture. I use Scarabee P Bass and ran it through Vandel SE instead of Guitar Rig 4 (or Pro?) on a song and it blew it away. It made Guitar Rig sound like a piece of cheap junk. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Gotta run, tons of stuff to export and import. Thanks MIke M
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