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  1. thanks guys for the response---I think i'm gonna have to just try the plugins under windoes 7 to see if they work. I'm thinking some will and some won't. I'll keep you guys posted as to the outcome of this----I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Hi---I'm new to this forum and i'm an avid sam user for a couple of years now--I've recently bought a new computer for my wife but i'm thinking of using it for recording. amd dual core--4 gigs of ram--windows 7 running at 64 bit. I can download the windows 7 driver from the m audio web site for my interface and i understand that samplitude 11 will run under windows 7. I'm wondering if my plugins will work though. I've got a ton of plugins including waves mercury collection and many other vst's. All these plugins run great on my current system (windows xp with pentium 4 3.06 and 1 gig of ram) These are older plugins and i think they were made to work on 32 bit os. I don't want to try installing everything though if my plugins aren't going to work. Can someone save me the time and tell me if my plugins will work under windows 7 I would like to record on the new computer with 4 gigs of ram (more tracks and plugins) Or do i need to just try each plug in and see if it works (this would take a lot of time) I really don't want to install everything to find out that my plugins won't work thanks in advance bruce. p.s.---is there a way to set windows 7 to 32 bit so my plugins would work?
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