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  1. Dear Community, is there a way to rename Audio Files on the Hard Drive (Not Clip Names) from within SamProX3. Thanks Cheers Tim
  2. Hey Guys, worked the whole day on Melodyne which functioned like a charm. Somehow I just lost the ability to playback when editing the blobs. I have a bigger project using several tracks and clips with melodyne. Not Mixed Down yet. I set the following: Audiosettings to Software Monitoring Switched the Loudspeaker symbol in the track fader on and off The kind of strange thing is, when I started playback and then edit the blobs, sometimes I can hear the editing, sometimes not.... On one track I see visually that melodyne sends out Audio, but it does not get through Samplitude Pro X3 Maybe there is a small button I oversaw or basic settings somewhere, that I switched unfortunately Thanks for your help Best Tim
  3. ...just fixed project by opening it in Sequoia13. Although offering no Melodyne Option in Seq13 the Melodyne Edits remained and could be reopened in SamPX3. THX Tim
  4. Dear Magix Community, after some experimenting with Melodyne and ARA. One project seems not to work any more and crashes after starting the playback. Other projects still run. I would like to recover a test project with Melodyne (Assistant) if possible. What could cause this behaviour? The messages say the following 1) Please wait. Loading MIDI 2) The following VST-Plug-In cannot be loaded: ARA 3) Unfortunately an error ocurred. Interface not supported. Please restart to get full functionality... Thx Cheers Tim
  5. Dear Magix Community, I would like to check out writing orchestral arrangements in Sequoia. I use VSL. checked out a bit on CCs which seems good so far. Maybe I can find some colleages here who would help me out a bit in: Organising and Visibility of Instrument Groups (Strings, Brass, Drums etc). Its nice to fold them together and expand to reduce visible tracks in a bigger project Overall implementation of Vienna Ensemble, Firewalls etc. (I know, its not 100% software related) Tips and Trixx to start coming from another platform composing wise for larger MIDI/Audio Projects to check out a bit more. Maybe its a good idea to mix software for different purposes, but it would be a dream to just use one from Composition to Mastering, as a project grows sound wise, too when I work on a piece. I like to playback a good sound while working on a creative project and perform the mix this way during the creative process.... Thanks so much, Kraznet, for your Tutorials Thanks to Everybody Best regards Tim
  6. Bonsoir! Using Sequoia 13 is there a way to change the length of a midi note with the mouse. Somehow I see no solution here. Maybe some kind of locking? Ican move the note with fixed length, change pitch and so on, no change of length so far... THX Best regards T
  7. Hey, Thanks for your experience Best regards Tim
  8. Hey, thanks after a while it worked out to run the Vienna Ensemble 64 bit program which checked the firewall settings and switched it off at the right places automatically. Okay, It seems that this was the thing. Thanks again Best regards Tim
  9. Dear Community, checking around some Film-Composing Workflows... I have some issues with getting VSL to work (see attachment) Thanks for your ideas. Best Tim
  10. Hey Matfle, thx for your quick help. Finding the files manually is a way, sure but... Is there any way to automate this for a couple of files, even if you don´t know their origin. Autofind kind of thing, giving some options to let sequoia look into intended folders and such... Imagine having a big multitrack project containing lots of files. I know, that it is helpful to use the "Aufräumen" - Funktion before quitting and such. Sometimes I need some files from other projects and so on. Thank you very much!!! Best regards Tim
  11. Hi, how can I assign the corresponding audio to an empty clip, sequoia does not find any more? Thank you for your help!!! Cheers T
  12. Hi, at the moment I can´t audition with MBox2 on sequoia. Maybe it is the Master Routing which is shown below. Where can I switch off the "Solo Bus". Thx T
  13. Hi, after asking about the cross platform usage conditions of Sequoias 70GB Lib content for MAC, I got a response, that this idea was never intended. The whole thing is liscensed to Seq12 only. No access from the Independence Sampler PlugIn for MAC. You have to purchase the whole Pro Suite extra for liscensing it, as far as I see with no further use of the Lib, that is only accessible within Sequoias Build in Independence instance. Next thing to check might be to trigger Seq (running Independences 70GBLib) from Logic Pro internally (one Computer) with Bootcamp, or from an external Laptop. Would be glad to find anybody experienced with this. I guess MTC via Ethernet is a thing. Is it possible to send Logics MIDI to use Seq as Sampler Station for arranging and composing? For this particular workflow I would stick with Logic Pro having implemented lots of surroundings, sounds, MIDI and stuff there. Multitasking, I know. Thx for Help! Cheers Best Tim
  14. Hi Kraznet, it has a small free Lib. But, if you try to access the 70GB YellowTools Folder you created on PC from the Independence for Mac - Browser there´ll be some dialogues saying that the content cannot be read. MAGIX offeres the PlugIn for Mac as well, but you have to purchase the 70GB content twice this way. One for Mac, One for PC "independendly" ( so to speak, Don´t get me wrong ;-) ) I would love to use the Sounds on my other platforms, as I know it from other PlugIns. All Instruments are fine, in my opinion the Sax Section is pretty good, I feel... Best regards Tim
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