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  1. Thanks! Now I'm just looking for a way to delete this embarrassing post:) BTW: Recorded a whole concert - cutting and mixing along the way without problems and was able to burn a cd 30 minutes after last applause. Don't know of any other programs capable of this! Simon
  2. I'm trying to do some "record(ing) without playback" which means that I can mix while recording a concert. Normally I use the escape key to exit dialogs and stuff. But for some reason Sequoia stops recording (or playback) when hitting esc - even if a dialog is open. This is really annoing and not configurable in the keycommands. Does anyone know of a way to stop this behaviour? Thanks, Simon
  3. Because Sequoia can't load the PT monofiles I figured that I have to write a little tool that merges all the monofiles into interleaved stereo. Then it'll rename the stereofile as one of the .L monofile which makes the AAF file believe that it's one of the monofiles it inserts. It actually works! Then you'll just have to delete all the .R tracks in the project in the track manager. That pretty simple compared to setting up submix busses for each LR-mono-track-pair to be able to process with stereo plug-ins. I'll post a link when the tool is ready. Simon
  4. Yep, The fader position got somehow rendered into the files... wonder what it does to the actual automation then. That will be another test. Thanks, Simon
  5. Sorry, actually it was only my signatur that needed an update. I was already at 11.02. Simon
  6. Hmm - seems like a second restart helped... Gotta get used to not posting until a second restart is performed
  7. I've had a couple of projects where the waveforms dissapear when I zoom to a certain level. This is very annoing but is great training in editing crossfades blindfolded I see the waveforms perfectly well when I zoom out. Any ideas how I get them back to normal. Thanks, Simon
  8. I've just imported some 3000 files from a PT session into Sequoia. All the objects are tagged with the file-name and then this > Vol* < tag. If I open the objects in the object editor they don't have any changes to Volume and resetting the volume does not delete the > Vol *< tag. What can it be? Tips for importing AAF: I tried different methods and it worked best to reference the original files in the PT directory instead of embedding them. This way the files keep their original names. If some files are missing (I had 5 corrupted files I'll need to restore as RAW files) don't try to let Sequoia handle it during AAF-import. You'll get stuck with this window (version 11.01) which won't dissapear: And remember to have the original PT session and audio files backed up - becaouse when you try to open the PT (PT9) session afterwards it cannot locate the audiofiles nor relink them! Of course this is only tested on my setup, so hopefully it will behave better on other systems. Simon EDIT: The fader positions is somehow rendered into the objects. If I zero all faders in PT and do the export there's no tags. Question: How do I get the AAF import to recognize the PT .l .r files and load them onto one stereotrack in Sequoia?
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