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  1. Hi Gang How do you Samp 10 fans quickly try out different song structures/arrangements? I use the arranger track in Cubase and will miss it, is there anything similar in Samp 10? Thanks.
  2. No... These are three different products. When you buy 2 you will not have the third... And yes, if your can get a crossgrade (look at the conditions here : Crossgrade), you will be able to upgrade next. JMM Thanks.
  3. Thanks I really appreciate your hard work on these.................Happy Birthday BTW
  4. I'm looking for an app. to replace Cubase and have found your videos most helpful..... Thanks.
  5. It's Ok I've found a comparision chart....... There are still some Samp 10 crossgrades available, am I right in understanding these are the same as full versions and can these be upgraded to Samp 11?? Any help much appreciated.......Thanks.
  6. Hi Gang ......me again If I purchased Samp 10 Master together with Samp 10 (not 10 Pro) would this combination give me all the features/plugins that are found in Samp 10 Pro? Thanks.
  7. Hi Gang Thinking of buying Samp 10 Master.......Does it use a dongle? Thanks.
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