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  1. Cheers guys I loaded up the Demo last night and its a lot more stable on my laptop. Transferred all the soundpools over too. Played about for a couple of hours and zero crashes! MM would just crash as i put loops into the arrangement, I could be using it fine for hours then it would crash every time i opened the program. Im running it on a 6 month old Windows 7 Levono laptop with a dual core pentium 2.2ghz with 4gb ram btw. How would I render the MM arrangements to be read in Samplitude? Do you mean export each track of the arrangement as a Wav then load it into Samplitude?
  2. Hi I have been dipping my toe into making music and have been using Music Maker 16 just to try and learn my way round DAW's. Its finally driven me mad with all the crashes and was wondering if an Upgrade to Samplitude might be the way forward. I have got a free copy of Samplitude 11 Silver with Computer Music magazine to try out when I get home but can anyone confirm if its more stable than Music maker and can I use the existing Soundpools with it? Will it open My Existing arrangements from Music Maker (.MMM)? Thanks in advance!
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