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  1. Gladly, can't seem to be able to attach a file to a PM though?
  2. neither "punch" ticked, nor Range activated, nor any markers present. Thanks
  3. and it gets weirder- when I record arm-an audio track in the same vip, ALONG with the vst track, objects are recorded on both tracks (no more rec button blinking), but the midi object on the VST track remains empty (does not record the notes played)
  4. I am having the same problem as the OP, and all remedies above won't work. Can't record a midi object on a VST instrument track, the record button keeps blinking. No range is engaged, no punch markers set, rec modes set to "standard" and "overdub". The midi is playing fine live, the track is rec armed, but no data is written. Anything else I should look at? thanks ProX2Suite latest version, Win 10, Midi via HDSP9632
  5. I reinstalled Pro X Suite after a long hiatus, tried unsuccesfully to change the language to english (en_US) in the install.cfg file, this used to work no problem I installed from the disks and patched right away, is that the culprit? i get the Missing language dll file message whenever i start up Pro x, and have to revert to the german de_DE (in the cfg language line) for samp to respond again. Thanks for any pointers
  6. Mysteriously, after a few passes of the same routine, the problem has vanished.
  7. Hi, I own Pro X Suite but have been wanting to use the very good acoustic piano sounds of the included Inpependence with another sequencer as well (Cubase 6.5) So I downloaded the Independence Free version and purchased the Piano Instruments, activated online, all good. However, when I load Indep as a VST instrument, a pop up menu always asks whether I want to input the serial or continue to use the free version (when I confirm the latter, I can load my purchased pianos no problem). Independence does not remember these choices, as the question pops up everytime it is loaded. Thus whenever I open a saved song in Cubase that includes Indep as a VST instrument, the load process is interrupted until I re-comfirm use of trhe free version. Can this be remedied? Thank you.
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