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  1. I don't find this in documantation. Maybe it isn't in ProX3
  2. Hello! I have a solo(flamenco) guitar track, which has slihtly fluctuated tempo. I didn't want to record this with click, because that kills the organic breath of the piece, so this tempo changes are justified musically. And I want to add some percussion with VSTI, which works with midi, and it needs correct timing for the sync. I was watching Kratznet's vids about tempo mapping, but that's all about aligning fluctuated tempo of the audio to the given bpm. My goal is reversed. Mean I want to adjust bpm to audio tempo changes by automation. Can I do this and how? If somebody knows good tutor about this question or has nice advice, I would be very grateful if anyone would share it. SampPro X 3 Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok. I can save and load custom drum map. But new question: How can I save the velocity adjustments?
  4. I was watching some videos about this and the picture is clearer now, but any further advices in this thread will be much appreciated.
  5. Hello! How can I create different mapping for midi drums in the midieditor. Let me explain more detailed. I use BeatBuddy drum-machine, which has some special mapping. I want to create own grooves with EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums Vsti. Say I connect the EZdrummer track midi-out with BeatBuddy's Midi-in. Then I play some groove with EZ Drummer, but I hear this with BeatBuddys samples. But the mappings are not compatible with each other. I open the midi editor not with pianoroll, but with drum editing window. Play the groove and simply select rows and drag them to the right place, untill it's sounding in the same way with EZ drummer. EZ has more complicated and nuanced mapping and samples, than BB, but quite good results can be achieved. So my question is: once I have well sounding mapping, how I can save this for the future and how I can loading this again in the drum editor. Is it possible at all? I see, there is opportunity in the drop down menu of drum editor, mean save mapping, create new, load, but confused a bit. I was tweaking with that, but without succes. Please help! Thanks in advance! Win7, Samp ProX 3.
  6. Thanks! I was playing with this and found the way. There are few of those. Cheers Gabor
  7. I have an EZdrummer session on one track. I want to mix, say just snare, but not with EZ's own mixer, but also with another plugin. How can I adjust a new aux track, in which only snare is heard? ProX3.
  8. Get a nice advice. If we want rescan from zero, we should delete VST plugins.ini file in Program data/ Magix/ Samp ProXX/ folder. Now everythig's in order. No x86 vsts, no duplicates..
  9. Just one more small question: how can I rescan plugins? I mean from zero. Is it possible reset scanning?
  10. Problem solved. Copied all plugin files from Program files x86/ Waves to Program files VST plugins. Now I see separately in different window x86 and x 64 and all of this is separated to Part1. and Part2. windows. Cheers Gabor
  11. HI! Yes, everything is together, 32, 64, but this is the joke of the shells. I tried scroll with arrows, but no way. When I want to step forward the highlight is gone at the right side of the screen. Mean, it steps forward, but this is invisible for me. Cheers Gabor
  12. Hello! I switched to clean, new system and to SSD. When I scan my Waves plugins, the too big window appears again, as written above. I tried place plugins to subfolders, but now this doesn't help. I'm on Win7x64 and Samp Prox3 still, because I have pretty old maschine. How to solve this problem? Some window switching function? Thanks in advance! Gabor
  13. Yes, I'm fighting with Waves Central. It's hard game. I think, it's better to open this thread on Waves site. Thanks Gabor
  14. I tried to reinstall my Waves plugins. V10, because I switched from HDD to SSD, so I got totally fresh system. So, seems everything in the right path and I scanned plugins severeal times in every possible folders. No way. Samp doesn't see them. All similar to old system. Samp ProX3, Waves V10, Win 7x64. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thank you! This helps! Problem solved. All the best! Gabor
  16. Hi! I use ProX 3 and my problem is, that when I want browse VST's, the window is too big for my screen and I can't see all of my plugins. after letter S. This problem occured, because I have few bundles and some of them appear in the right way, I mean for example Waves-arrow-then my all Waves, but some of them appear separately, not like bundles and take the place. Is there any simple way to switch to second window or some trick around rescanning, which allows, that all bundle plugins appear under main bundle name with arrow. I tried rescan the whole vst plugins folder, but it doesn't help. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  17. Ok!Everything is working.The best method is the postediting in midieditor.But I found good solutions under monitoring options.Thanks for help Gabor
  18. Hi! How can I recording,content of a MIDI track to another in Audio?I mean,when I have a MiDI recording,I want to recording it to another track during playback.I try to plug my monitoring amp's line-out back to my soundtrack's line-in but in this case, probmlem with hum and it will recording contents of other tracks to.I want recording only one tracks content,but I want to hear other tracks also.Why I need it?Because I'm a guitarist,and I use some VST-instruments with MIDI-guitar controller.This instruments designed for keyboard players and they can change the characteristic of the sound by keys on the left side in real time.Of course, I can not manipulate with my left hand during playing guitar.But later,possible to change characteristic in completed material.Hope,I was understandable. Another question:some VSTi works only in standalone mode.How can I recording with them to Samplitude,when I can not loading them as a plugin.Thats all.Any tips?Best regards Gabor
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