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  1. I find EA to be superior. I have never been able to do the kind of tweaking I like to do with an insertable, real time, tuning plugin. I highly recommend that you check out EA. ...and yes, to answer your question, it can work in keys. But the level of control EA offers you goes beyond that. Check out the tutorials on youtube.
  2. It's ironic that you should mention Pt's Elastic Time. Samplitude has a similar process called Elastic Audio. You can open EA or the TS/PS parameters in the Object Editor. There are several algorithms to try. EA is also an excellent pitch corrector.
  3. This all reminds me of an EQ panel discussion I attended a few years ago with George Massenburg, Rupert Neve, ?Saul Wilson? (founder of API), Geoff Daking, Paul Wolff & Malcom Toft. Somebody asked the panel what the first eq changes they would make during a recording session. Massenburg: "I would move the Mic" Toft: "then I would change the Mic." so, of course, recording a real bass will give you a great bass sound.
  4. I would really, really make the push for "Pro". I made the jump from Samplitude 5.9 "standard" (there was no Pro then) to Sam Pro v8. That cost a ton. I think the plugins bundled in Pro are definately worth the cost. As I've said on another thread: Am-munition gets my vote as the best plugin released (by anyone) in the past few years.
  5. You could play a bass line on the guitar, then use EA (in Samplitude) to pitch the part down. I've tried some stuff along these lines and have gotten interesting ( and useable) results. In fact, I would try that, then run it thru AM-phibia!
  6. ...not to flog a dead horse, but this is exactly what I use Am-phibia for. Just for shaping and "colorizing" backing tracks. I like to use some of the amp modeller presets, then turn off the "speaker" emulation.
  7. I don't know about backwards compatability, but he could always Save As a Samplitude.EDL & you should be able to open it.
  8. You will need to purchase the VST versions to use them with another DAW.
  9. What version of Samp are you on? Samp Pro? SE? Classic? I use pro. The "track bouncing" dialog allows you to bounce a mix to stereo (or surround) in many different formats. Anyway that's how it works in Pro. It may be different in SE.
  10. Here's my incredibly brief, non-video tutorial on mastering (abridged) -Create a new project with 2 tracks/74 minutes length. -When project is open: Go to the CD/DVD drop down menu and select "CD Arrange Mode". -Load each song as a wave file/object with the "Open Audio File" radio button. -Arrange songs in desired order. -Use the "Set Track" radio button to drop CD ID markers before each song. Or you can use the "Auto CD indices" radio button to set track ids automatically. -Use object level processing for song specific eq/compression/volume adjustment. -Use master buss processing for over all gloss. -Click on "Burn CD" radio button to burn CD. Use "generate new CD file" to create a CD image. That's it. Hope it helps.
  11. To the Original Poster: Have you checked your downloads area on Samplitude.com? I know that my serial numbers are listed in mine. I would also re-post this in the VST plugins forum. SamDev may have a recommendation for a VST rapper that works. Of course PT doesn't play nice with stuff that's doesn't fit inside their technologies. Charging shipping on a download? That doesn't sound right. Did you order from Magix or a supplier. To the 2nd poster: The Samplitude plugin suite is not the same as the included plugs in "Samplitude 2008 (Magix Music Studio)". Sascha (the main plugin developer) has posted that those are the very "lite" versions. I would reserve judgement on the plugs until you try the full ones.
  12. The Demo versions usually are pretty late.
  13. get 9.1.1. You can skip all the intervening updates. 9.1.1 is the most stable. Then order v10. Install v10 in January.
  14. The (former) Music Studio is a consumer app and any functionality that it has that "looks" like the same functionality in Samp Pro is not the same quality. Samplitude Classic and Samplitude Master use all the same processing as Samplitude Pro. FYI: It's my impression that one shouldn't assume that Samplitude Master is the Lite version. It's simply the 2-track version. I think Magix has made this clear by including the Restoration Suite in Samp Master. That suite is not include in Classic or Pro. Samplitude SE is the lite version of Samplitude/Sequoia.
  15. I don't follow your question. v9 supports all hardware & transport control. The same device can be used for transport controls, fader controls, and audio playback. However, it looks like the Axiom does not have dedicated transport controls. That might be the issue. You can create custum controller templates.
  16. i'm pretty sure it's isolated cases when it happens. probably from user error, when we try to make it do things it's not supposed to do. at any rate, samp freeze still works wonderfully. if it's any consolation, it hasn't happened again. regards. I've never had issues with freeze. It depends on what you do. I always recommend using "edit track freeze" to make adjustments to a frozen track. I also think that you're asking for it if you add fx to a frozen track without unfreezing it first.
  17. Please see my clarification. Samplitude has submix busses and aux busses. Very similar to Logic or PT.
  18. Some clarification is needed. You can assign tracks to different submix busses. You just can't assign a track to several busses at the same time.
  19. Shift-B is the shortcut to get out of 3 section view.
  20. OrangehillAudio.com is selling a crossgrade for Samplitude PRO v9 with no required documentation. I think it's $500.00 Tom Sailer at Orangehill (U.S. Distributer) will clarify that. I would go for the "pro".
  21. If you aren't using SE, you must be in version 9 and you must be using a hybrid monitoring mode for dual core. Otherwise Windows does a halfway decent job balancing cores.
  22. The big boys are "playing" with dual core support in 9.1 Pro. AFAIK You'll have to step up to the plate for multi-core support.
  23. I think the fact that Samplitude has not been cracked since 8.01 (the last version without codemeter) speaks volumes. Why would MAgix want to change when the current system works.
  24. No they are not interchangeable. Theoretically you can store multiple iLok licenses on an iLok and multiple WIBU licenses on a codemeter. I think Magix likes Codemeter because it has never been proven to have been hacked. (WIBU did a challenge. Nobody won.)
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