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  1. BIG Ups to you for reaching out and making moves for the Sam family!!!!
  2. I just got the spring 2009 edition of Pro Gear from Sweetwater, their music gear catalog. On page 37 there is a full one page spread promoting Samplitude. Sweetwater reps that I have talked to always try to point me to pro-tools and/or cubase, but to see this promotion is a good move by Magix. I am excited to see this cause this DAW kills the competition hands down in regard to sound and workflow and other areas as far as I am concerned. The only thing I ain't feeling is the fact that the catalog only has the price for Samplitude MS14 and don't even list Sam Master, Classic, or Pro let alone Seq. Sam is like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect. lol.
  3. THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!! Kraznet you are da bomb!!!! In other words (I appreciate you)lol. That fixed it for me. Also while I am at it, thanks for the Videos in the Sam tutorial section and on youtube. In addition to the manual those have truly been an assest and were essential in helping me return back to Samplitude after a yearlong affair with Cubase 4. Keep up the GREAT work. You are a blessing and a complete assest to this user community. I wish you nothing but the best in all God allows you to do. blessings,
  4. What up Sam fam? I am working on my c.d project and was doing an arrangement for a song in my vip. I accidently pressed a button that made two other vip screens come up in the bottom left and right portion of my screen. How do I get back to the original view with just one window front and center? Let me know something asap. blessings,
  5. That's another thing that I really like about this user community is the friendly communication among users. I spent a significant amount of time on Cubase and Reason forums as far as software forums and a lot of those posts consisted of complaints about the program and disses toward the developers. It got to a point that I just stopped even foolin with em. Don't get me wrong there were some on the site that were really there to help build a solid community of communication and growth but the negative catz seemed to be posting the most (Guess the positve catz were busy makin music LOL). Eventhough I am sure that there are those among the Sam community who complain and make you wonder why they still here (and still upgrading) but for the most part I feel a really positive atmosphere on this forum. stay focused and be faithful, ahmad
  6. What up peeps? I been a Sam user since V8 and just recently upgraded to V10. I had stepped away from Sam because I was impressed with the amount of resources and tutorials that other DAWs had available for learning their products. After working in a studio that runs Nuendo, I decided to go Cubase. I actually took a course for free and got a whole lot of training using Cubase SX3 and C4. Actually the courses helped you learn the skills to be able to unlock nearly any DAW or hardware studio situation you might encounter. After using Cubase 4 all last year I still hungered for Sam. I went ahead and upgraded to V10.2 and haven't looked back. C4 has quite a bit more midi features than Sam, but the more I work with Sam the more I am finding out that I can do what I need to do midi wise in Sam. I am not sure if the midi features are that much better in V10.2 or if the fact that I had learned somethings that gave me the confidence to maneuver around any DAW had more to do with me falling back in love with Sam. Most of my production involves midi. I may start a track out on the MPC and a rack module, save the sequence as a midi file, import it to Sam and open Battery 3 for the drums and either my NI Komplete 5 plugins or IK Multimedia Total Studio plugins for the sounds. Some catz feel like thatz the long way around, but I can get top quality sound without having to track into Sam, just match my sounds and go. This works well for me. Anyway just felt like posting after spending about a month with V10.2. be blessed,
  7. Thanks for the info. Although I cannot speak or read German that was really helpful. I wonder when this MS14 will hit the USA. blessings,
  8. I there a difference in sound quality between these two DAWs? I have seen the version differences chart on the samplitude website and have examined it closely. Aside from the feature differences I just want to know about the sound quality. I know MS Delux has 44.1, but can you record 24bit on it? The comparison chart did not talk about bit rate in regard to recording. I am asking because everytime I talk to a Samp disciple about this question they always start tellin me about the feature differences instead of answering my question. I know they want me to buy Samp, but they fail to realize that I am already a proud owner of Samplitude Pro V9, everysince V8. I am just lookin for a way to work with some smaller budget artist who want to do some work together, but want to have a more complete audio and midi set up like that which is offered by MS Delux 12. They not looking to buy VST instruments just want all their tools in one box. Since I am a registred user I thought I would just ask my question here cause although they cannot afford Samp at this time, if they can get great audio quality with MS Delux 12, then we all win. thanks,
  9. Thanks D funk for ya realness and honesty. peace,
  10. How long did it take you in making ya transition from the other sequencers? I really cut for Samplitude, but just knowing the basics of this program ain't cuttin it for me. Due to the wealth of tutorials and video training in Cubase I am thinking about defecting to Steinberg. I will still keep and use Samplitude for a scetch pad and some audio editing and mastering cause I got much love for it, but none of the professional studios in my area use it or really even know about it. I'm in a small town and the only professional studio in my town has Nuendo so having cubase will help for a quick and easy transfer of files and info when working with the professional engineer in my town. There are other studios in town, but they don't have the training and skill of Steve Rosas at DRS. In your opinion besides the obvious Object editing and the pristine and transparent sound of Samplitude what does it have to offer above Cubase or Nuendo especially in the realm of hip hop and RnB? I know this it totally off the initial post, but I just been having this on my mind.
  11. www.soundclick.com/darkitekt ummmm songs are self absorbed, spot rushing, after the storm. Peace Kinda hot video on sound click. You used Logic and Reason, but I know the same principles apply to using other software. Keep doin ya thing. peace
  12. Thanks for the tips. The information you gave me sparked some ideas and I used the Wav pencil in the tool bar to fix the wav and get rid of the click on the turnaround of the loop. Muchas gracias, AJ
  13. Can anyone share with me some insight on how to remove a click sound from a loop? I made a loop in Reason 3 and loaded it up into my DAW and when I copied and pasted the loop I noticed a click sound when it reaches the end of the loop and starts over. I know there are some cleaning tools and things to fix audio in Sam 9, but I don't know how to fully use them. I just learned to utilize the specktral cleaning and it's great. Any help with getting rid of this click will be much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the comments and the examples on your websites. One,
  15. Wanted to know if anyone has some hip hop songs recorded and mixed in Sam that I could listen to and check them out. I own Sam 9.1.1 and most of the cats that do hip hop are singing the praizes of PT, but I ain't switching unless Jesus Himself tells me face 2 face (Ride or Die with Sam). Hit me back, MPG (Mouf Pieceof God)
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