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  1. In my Sequoia and Samplitude project archives going back to the days of SEKD, (but mostly from Sequoia 7 onwards) there are now well over 30,000 of these *.Hxx (and previous similar ajuncts to WAV, AIFF, and recently FLAC files). I need to rationalise all this stuff for the record company who have given me all this work over the last 20 years, and I would very much like to be able to safely exclude them from the project folders. It appears to me that current versions of Samplitude and Seqoia will happily re-create them when/if (ever...!) the prjects are re-opened, but I'd just like reassurance that this is correct, from someone who understands their functions better than I do. Do they store any info (such as mark points etc) that might be otherwise not available in the VIPs?
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