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  1. Oh, I see that you need to close and open the program and everything is cleared up. Sorry
  2. In Samp 11 and Pro X : Is there any way to clean up the lists of third party plugins that appear in the VST FX and VSTi menus ? I'm trying to re-organize my vst-folders and want to get rid of some plugins. I just can't figure out how to do it. I've tried to delete the unwanted vst's directly in vstplugins.ini but they still show up in Samp. Basically, what I want is to reset the present lists and start a new scan from scratch in new folders. Do I have to reinstall ? Cheers, Erik
  3. Bingo!! I found the o-tone mode option in Play/Rec - Playback Mode and de-activated it. It's a mystery how it was activated though, because there are no shortcuts assigned to it. Anyways, I'm so happy now Thanks a lot for solving this out Georg and thanks to Tim for your suggestion.
  4. I've tried both without luck. Maybe I should specify a bit : If I place the cursor on let's say bar #30 and press spacebar, the cursor will jump to bar #33. A range of 2 bars will automatically be created and nothing else happens. When I press spacebar again that range will be played back and when the cursor reaches the end of the range, a new one is created 3 bars ahead. The only way I can stop this is to activate loop and create my own range. But of course that's not optimal. This "thing" started all of a sudden while I was working with this fairly new session. When I open other sessions that misbehavior is gone which lead me to believe that I by accident must have hit some keyboard shortcut and activated some strange feature
  5. I'm using Samplitude 11. When I press spacebar, a range will be created automatically. When I press spacebar again, playback will begin and end according to the range. When playback stops, a new range will be created and the story repeats itself. I don't know how I managed to activate this behavior, but I spent a LONG time trying to get rid of it. No luck. Please help!
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