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  1. I was afraid of that... I own Pro Tools 9 and Logic Pro 9 which both support VST3. I have a great deal of money poured into Waves plug-ins, so I hate to lose that functionality. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hello everyone, I downloaded the demo version of Samplitude v11, and I'm really liking what I see so far. One question though - Is it possible to side-chain Waves plug-ins (C6 Multiband, C1 compressor, etc.)? I believe this requires VST3, and many DAW's have not implemented this yet. It appears the side-chain key button is not appearing in the previously mentioned Waves plug-ins. Its entirely possible I am overlooking something as I am not familiar with Samplitude, or at least is there a workaround? Thank you in advance, Kevin
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