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  1. Elf

    PX2 EQ

    I have been trying to download but there appears to be problems? Have sent word to support. Good news about the EQ, thanks.
  2. Hi Has the basic track mixer EQ changed in PX2 Suites? Is there anywhere to listen to the new: Rock Drums PX2 E-Piano Analogue Synth Bass Machine PX2 DN-e1 Synthesizer ? Thanks
  3. This message keeps coming up mixer on eq's even when I save under a specific name. Is there any way I can change that? Thanks
  4. wow!!! I'd almost forgotten the forum existed I've been so busy! It's so funny to get an email about this thread and read your comment - it's a real picture of just how strange this forum is! Cymru am byth !
  5. Sorry if I'm cutting in here. Wow......I didn't realize that would be a good thing to know until I saw your answer Omics. I mean, I knew that Samp was "Object Based" but just never really thought about it - my vocals are still recorded in one take so I have one "track" but that track is actually an object that can also be cut into segments for mixing and mastering and I can associate different eq's and effects with a particular "object" - woooooooh! It's great when these things sink in. So that's why Samp has such a mind-boggling way of naming tracks: Because the track has a name, but the objects within the track have different names! Double woooooooh! Thanks Omics!
  6. Hi Topher I''m not familiar with Samp Silver, but what are you using to get the signal into the program? Mic, pre-amp, guitar, keyboard? There's normally a record activation button and a speaker symbol for each track, press "r" to record and away you go - click on the speaker symbol to hear yourself while you record. Can you post a screenshot of the Samp Silver track view?
  7. So I hear.....Dell make good monitors!
  8. I run Win 7 Home Premium, and I would agree that the "ultimate" version extras will probably be for corporate networking and things. I seem to remember seeing a checklist on the various Win 7 specs before I got it and I didn't see anything important for a DAW in Ultimate. I've just switched from a 2.9 AMD X2 to a QX6700 quad which is clocked to 3.2GHz and I have a lot more headroom now, but having said that, the AMD dual performed very well and was very reliable. I've used AMD CPU's for 10 years and I've not had one fail on me yet, I only ended up with the QX quad because it was cheap off a friend. I'm glad to hear you got yourself sorted.
  9. Sounds like wanton paranoia? It's like searching the net for something to do with Samplitude, I mostly come up with torrent sites offering cracks. I would have thought it might be more productive to be pro-active in doing something about those sites instead of blocking the movements of your own registered members in a private forum. Bizzare?
  10. What is that Roger? Something to stop bot posting?
  11. Hey Scott - Have you tried looking in Sam's system setup to see how many cores are selected when it's running the 2.3 AMD. Perhaps it may be set to only 1? EDIT: OOps, sorry, I didn't see your post here: http://support2.magi...ndpost&p=201220
  12. Hi Sungodv, I just ended up with no time for a while, I'll still be around from time to time. Thanks for the thought.
  13. That's an interesting point. Is it possible to do that? I could use the channel eq for pre and the EQ116 for post. It would make sense to do HP filter at least before anything else - I'm doing my best not to use too much eq but I am learning to use it and "freshners". One way of looking at things: http://www.audio-iss...nd-compressing/ That's interesting too, thanks Omics.
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