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  1. Thanks Greg- I was loading the track effects onto the midi track using the track editor view. It seems the audio return was routed elsewhere. I've now found the audio returns in the mixer and I can add effects to them. Simon
  2. Thanks very much Frank, Yes this does solve my problem! It seems the audio track for VITA is associated with the corresponding midi track - but for the external VSTIs I have created audio tracks which appear in the mixer, but not in the track editor. I have found the audio tracks and can now add effects to them. I found that right clicking in the mixer gives me the chance to select which instrument outputs I want to use. I will pay attention to the routing assistant next time also. Best regards, Simon
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have a problem with Samplitude 11 Download edition which I am using on Windows 7 64 bit home premium. I have a 32 bit plugin for Linux sampler and a big library of giga samples. I've managed to fire up Linux sampler and load an instrument. I've recorded a short midi tune which plays back fine. I can use master effects ok but when I try Soundfx or any other track effects, they don't appear to work. I also tried this with Kontakt player with the same problem. Can anyone advise me please? Thanks very much, Simon
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