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    Hmmm... keyboards maybe. :-) Ever since I heard my first Prophet 5 as a kid. I actually owned an Arp Axxe. :-)

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  1. I noticed the expansion libraries for Independence on the Magix site. As I have the full 70G library for Independence I am wondering if any of these libraries actually include anything I don't already have. If not, are there any additional libraries available for Independence or is that pretty much all there is?
  2. To reiterate my OT comment from the other thread, Revolta 2 is in my opinion a truly excellent synth. It sounds great, the UI is easy to grasp and it still looks very good today having remained unchanged for years now. I've heard Sascha deserves credit for this excellent VST. Bravo! It's simply a shame that this great instrument has languished for this long without any updates. Did somebody lose the recipe (or the source!)? If not, PLEASE assign somebody to bring this thing up to date. PLEASE! Don't get me wrong, all the Vita stuff is nice, but DNe1 like it's siblings appears to be basically customized rompler with nowhere near the flexibility of Revolta. There doesn't appear to be a real synth anywhere else in the Pro X 3 Suite. Correct me if I'm wrong. Does anybody else feel this way? Chime in if, like me, you would also like to see Revolta 2 updated to modern specs so it can live comfortably in the 64 bit environment of Pro X. Just a 64 bit rebuild and a few bug fixes would be all I would need.
  3. When will this great synth get the 64 bit treatment? It's really odd that the only real synth that comes with Pro X 3 is 32 bit don't ya think?
  4. Yeah, the "tool tips" would be a nice touch. I understand that complex tools require complex UI's and that usability is always a struggle. Nevertheless, there comes a time when a UI has grown old and I think Independence is there. I have SampleTank 3 and even with the graphic overhaul, it's still a fairly dense UI, but MUCH better than it originally was. Independence could use a similar treatment.
  5. As an extension of an earlier thread on the Independence VST, I find myself wondering when Independence will get a, well-deserved, cosmetic overhaul? It really is a power-house of a VST, but I think much of that is lost on people who are immediately put-off by the very dense UI with tiny controls. The existing UI really looks like it was designed with scaling in mind, but it doesn't scale or resize unless I'm missing something. A VST with as many controls as this just begs for a scalable UI that can make for comfortable viewing on any size display. That is a tall order from a software point of view, but it's certainly possible. Any chance of an update happening?
  6. Yeah, there is that whole upstream speed issue. :-)
  7. Duh... I should read more before posting. :-) I found the presets for Origami. Overall, a rather impressive sounding room modeler. In my defense, Independence is VERY powerful but the UI is also VERY busy and some might say cluttered. It takes a while for one to notice all the individual controls. It's also not a VST that is eye friendly. You practically need a large - low-res monitor to see everything clearly on Independence.
  8. I'm trying to figure out Independence and while checking out the Origami room simulator, I tried to load a new impulse response file but it simply brings up an empty folder. Does Independence come with additional IR files for Origami beyond the " concert Hall medium stereo "?
  9. False Alarm, the projected 37 hour download finally sped up at some point in the night and completed. ☺
  10. Recently upgraded to Pro X 3 Suite. As a last step I'm trying to install the massive 70G of content for Independence Pro. I ran the content downloader from within Independence and it is crawling. I have a 75Mb connection which is consistent so this would normally only take a few hours. There seems only one option from within Independence which is to complete the task in one operation. That may not complete even running all night. I'm not sure what it will do of I have to cancel it. Is there any way to download the content packs one at a time to make this setup process less painful? Thanks, Scott
  11. Certainly lots of functionality packed into a single plug. Filters seem to sound pretty good and the micro pitch unit is cool. In my tests the CPU loading looked very minimal. The adjustable routing and effect ordering is very cool. Just grab and drag those little tabs at the top left of each unit to change the processing order. The price is well worth it. :-)
  12. I imagine some Magix guru out there knows the answer to this. :-)
  13. Even though I have Pro X setup to use 6 logical cores on my i7 I still see things like "DSP; 48% [63% Max] in the performance monitor in the lower left corner. If I check the Windows 8.1 Task Manager I never see utilization above 20% and most of the logical cores are seeing relatively little use. Why does Pro X seem to significantly overestimate how it's using the the CPU? I was just expecting that with multi-core support the DSP: display should be similar to the Task Manager display of CPU usage. I've even seen displays of over 100% when I was really laying in some heavy VST instrument usage. As an engineer I always see 100% as the hard limit. What the heck does Pro X mean when the display is over 100%!!! It's the same whether I'm using Pro X 32 or 64 though 64 seems a bit more CPU efficient even running the 32 bit bridge. See the screenshot below.
  14. That worked just fine thanks. It wasn't obvious that it would save the VST instrument settings until it popped up the dialog about doing that though. I assumed it was just FX.
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