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  1. What kind of track are you scanning? Drums or a full music mix? ---> it's normally 4 on the floor dance mix. Also, what are your buffer settings? ---> Out Latency 4X4096 (372ms). temporarily not using audio interface (should buy 1394EE port). Thanks siriusbliss! I will connect audio interface to the computer and see any change. The reason why i ask about remix agent comes from intention to copy those dance mix almost exactly same into midi data. As a sheer newbie, i cant make head nor tail of how to do it. Better just do it!
  2. hello~! remix agent is really cool. I found that remix agent calculates different tempos every time in the same song. for example, remix agent calculates one same song first time: 94.700bpm second time: 94.666bpm third time: 94.643bpm Is there anyway I can make the same result every time? Remix agent is 100% accurate when tempo detecting? i dont use audio interface at the moment. this might be reason for this though. Thanks!
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