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  1. There is a guy in Hamburg, called Peter Kah. He is riding the dead horse, doing presets for Vandal. Check him.
  2. I take it! Agree. But this will only happen when the developer will be over with Magix. Magix business model is not made for reliable hardware development and sales.
  3. Yeah, live with a plug in, integrated in a DAW and notebook. You mean live in your living room and not on stage, right? He meant live on stage. There´s no need to become insulting. It´s a well known fact that guitar players can be a little bit "conservative" at times, to say the least, bit that´s no reason to ignore developments like Vandal, or other guitar-software for that matter. If you don´t like it - don´t use it. But please allow other players to make their own choice. I´ve been using software-amps on stage myself and I also know other players who do so. Oh, btw, I´ve been using Sam and Sequoia as a live mixer quite often - wanna have a go at me for that as well? Peter is making himself quite a bit of work with all those presets and other stuff regarding Vandal. I think it´s quite poor to comment his work in such a sarcastic manner, without any useful comment whatsoever. Regards, Matthias Wuf Wuf...
  4. Yeah, live with a plug in, integrated in a DAW and notebook. You mean live in your living room and not on stage, right?
  5. TAKE THAT -> Kemper Profiling Amp http://www.musicradar.com/gear/all/guitars/fx/modelling/profiling-amp-537252/review
  6. No. But try MIDISplit. http://www.davidputman.com/index.php?software=midisplit.txt
  7. Hi, Lacroix, Is Usine stable with Samplitude. Any issues? 4.1 Beta here. It works.
  8. Hi DB, I was one of the guys who had problems with 10.2 (performance) . In the meantime I located what caused the problem (synth edit plug ins in hybrid mode). Everything works smooth and stable now. Had a 5 days session and not one crash (with a lot of elastic audio and spectral cleaning). Not bad. Never had problems with UAD-1. And last but not least every VSTi/VST works. The only thing I'm missing is multiple midi output recording/routing and midifx. For that, I'm using the VST version of Usine (a routing monster) and Ableton Live in Rewire mode. Usine is very good for live performance (in stand alone mode) too. Lacroix
  9. Kontakte doch mal Dejan (forum member aus Slovenien). Er arbeitet mit einem bitstream und ist sehr zufrieden. Scheint problemlos zu laufen.
  10. What is the reason that you wanna change your setup? Lacroix
  11. Hi Alex, seems so that EZ player is a Freebie in Betastatus ("the independence LE effect" ) . Kraznet (thanxx man, great) made a top notch video about midi out routing/recording. Highly recommended. Salute Lacroix
  12. EZ player: activate Midiout on the next track: activate midi in recording for the VSTi, for example a drum machine. By the way: RTFM greets Lacroix
  13. (In future, we will have groove quantize with the possibility to extract the groove from audio, we already have the transient detection for audio quantize.. then the sample accurate MIDI resolution really becomes useful - especially if a VSTi is used for playback - sample accurate MIDI drum retriggering/replacing is possible this way, for example). Greetings, Frank ------------------- Ah, sounds good. In which version? Frank, a commitment please (written in blood ) Lacroix
  14. Mit keinem Sequenzer ist es möglich audio in midi umzuwandeln. Außerdem ist MIDI viel zu ungenau um daraus Noten zu generieren. Die besten Ergebnisse erzielt man mit seinen eigenen Ohren . Es gibt aber einige Tools am Markt die das mit mehr oder weniger guten Ergebnissen machen. Funktioniert allerdings nur bei Soloinstrumenten und nicht bei mehrstimmigen Arrangements oder chords. Einfach mal Midi to audio googlen. lacroix
  15. A very good example are the embedded tutorials in ableton live. A great help for beginners. That's the way i like it and maybe a lot of other customers too.
  16. Werner, bei allem Respekt, aber es wurden kurz und knackig die wesentlichen Punkte genannt. Finde ich besser als Marketing Bla Bla wie kauf Dir dies und kauf Dir das dann wirst Du glücklich. Lieber eine klare Aussage als völlig unproduktiv rumzueiern. Wer es exakter haben will kann ja diverse Literatur zu raten ziehen wie z.B. "Mastering Audio. The Art and the Science (Focal Press) von Bob Katz". Nicht umsonst verbrät Bob hier 320 Seiten zu dem Thema . Debug: Was sind deine wichtigsten Tools für deine Arbeit als Mastering Engineer? Bob Katz: 1. Meine Erfahrung 2. Mein Raum 3. Meine Ohren 4. Meine Monitorboxen Außerdem: wenn ich meine Company Tonstudio nenne kann man schon erwarten dass ein gewisser Einblick in die Materie da ist. Damit meine ich nicht dass man alles selber beherrscht. Für die gaps gibt's ja Spezialisten. Die sind in der Regel auch Ihr Geld wert. lacroix
  17. .....additiv ein paar gute Ohrmuscheln können auch nicht schaden
  18. Die heimliche Hauptstadt des Gerstensaftes soll Frankfurt sein ? Das ist schon so heimlich, dass es keiner für möglich hält. Oder hab ich da was falsch gelesen? Ihr seid doch mehr die Apfelsaftzecher , dröhn. Lacroix
  19. I have this one too. Perfect. Smart buy. lacroix
  20. Hi medicine man, cool avatar. DIY? lacroix
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