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  1. Anyone tried Samplitude Music Studio 2014 with MTC ?
  2. No one has any suggestions?
  3. Even worse, I can get Samplitude to sync to MTC but only if I start the code rolling on tape and then press play in Samplitude. Ive never seen that behavior before.
  4. Im syncing to tape. Remember tape. Ive tried MTC fro a Motu Digital Time Piece and see the sync light on and the SMPTE time running in the lower right corner but the music never starts. The same setting works in 2 other daws but not Samplitude. I love the program but Im a little disappointed. Any suggestions.
  5. No software just an old midiman smart sync. Why is MTC a better option? And would the audio sync better in track long pieces or cut into smaller segments?
  6. Im using Samplitude Music Studio MX. My question is when synced to midi clock is the audio easier for the program to control in track long segments all glued together or split into 1, 2, and four bar segments? I ask because in a 4 minute song the audio seems a little out of sync by the end of the song. Right now most of the audio is in track long objects all glued together. By about 3 minutes the click track is phasing or flaming. Just off enough to notice.
  7. Ive created a timbale solo within beatbox but I cant figure out how to get the 4 bar solo into samplitude. Can I turn the Beatbox pattern into a wave file? Whats the best proceedure fo getting the bars into samplitude. Thanks in advance.
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