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  1. Kraznet, I'm trying the ctrl+alt method for writing an automation script and I just cannot get it to work. I want it to work on an individual sound but I'll accept it working on a track, I've tried both ways so far with no luck. I can write it with any of the various tools available, it’s just that I believe what I'm trying to do would turn out so much better if I could just get this to work. I'll try any of your suggestions, if anyone here actually knows what they’re doing you seem to. Thanks, Tom S
  2. I began my venture into pro audio back in 1992 when I purchased Spectral Synthesis Audio Engine about 5 years latter Euphonix bought Spectral Inc. then promptly shelved them, I was very bitter about that. About that time PCs had progressed to the point that they no longer needed dedicated hardware that’s when I started looking for another DAW and hardware. I found Sek'd Samp. 2496 and Lynx L22

  3. I have been using Samplitude since it was Sek'd Samplitude 2496 and truthfully I have not been happy since Magix has taken over. With that being said I have to say that Samplitude Ver. 10 and 11 have been Magix's best effort and these versions represent the best that this software has ever been. Pt.1

  4. I believe Samp X has good intentions; it just has not been implemented very well. Why not just expand on the success of 10 and 11 instead of changing things for just the sake of change. It is painfully obvious that Magix no longer has the proper coders in place to maintain such an extensive piece of software or they have shifted all of their true talent to Sequoia which is not proper either. Pt.2

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