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  1. Wow, Soft Machine, saw them all the time in London in 1969, all the memories come flooding back so I haven`t seen to the end of the video yet. Many thanks Greg
  2. Totally agree,I find it so easy to create sounds that cut through a mix in Revolta. Update please.
  3. I am 65 .I hear detail in music far better with my eyes closed,nuances,timbre, placement ,etc., so I prefer old style knobs to turn on an EQ ,whilst my eyes are closed. One of my favourite EQ` s is from Nomad factory, .....,but then again I don`t have music as a living.
  4. Started with Logic about 5 years ago on A G5.Then Apple decided that i needed a newIntel Mac to keep up with logic ,so I disagreed and bought a PC .Use Ableton and Samp pro . Samplitude the sound is so clear ,balanced just sounds right .Mind you without Kraznet`s videos I am not sure i would have bought it.
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