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  1. Hello can I shortly just ask....is it possible to mix in 3D inside Sequoia 14?...I own Sequoia 13

  2. hello..do you know if I upgrade from Sequoia13 to 14 I am capable of 3d mixing with height channels?

  3. Hello..also a Samp and Sequoia user..Samp for very long..I am very interested in also mixing in 3D.....Pyramix and its hardware are maybe out of reach for my budget..so...is trere a way of mixing in 3D..with the height channels inside Sequoia14..I oqn Seq13 now....

  4. Hi Tim...can Sequoia14 do 3D mixing?

  5. Hello I would like to be a beta tester..or at least try to sign up..for the Samp ProX4...but how?

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