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  1. OK, first.. it's killing me to have to ask this, and the answer is likely to be painfully obvious, but as of right now, I'm stumped. I am a long-time Pro Tools user, so that is probably working against me here, but have only had Samplitude for around 30 hours now, and I'm really liking it bar one thing. I was able to create a new VIP project and imported a set of stems that I wanted to use to help me learn the program. The issue that I have is that all of the stems imported to individual tracks, that show Stereo when properties is looked at. They are all single-lane waveforms, and that's not a drama.. However, I see that Samplitude also uses stereo, dual-lane tracks.. and I want my stereo stems, (L&R), to reside in the same place so that they will be affected equally by whatever I do to them. I'm aware of grouping could achieve the same result, but it seems more work. Is it possible, (and how), for me to combine my L and R stems into one track? I've skimmed through the manual, spent longer going through the tutorial pdf, and have searched the web, Google, this forum, general mish-mash without any luck, and it seems such a simple thing. (btw, Thanks Kraznet, your vids are great!) At any rate.. even just a point in the right general direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
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