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  1. Thought I would start a post to help spread the plugin deals from the web. I just grabbed the Sonitus Suite directly from Cakewalk for $20. These plugs are rock solid and get the job done. With virtually no cpu usage! List the deals you find along with reviews of some of your fav plugs.
  2. Although as stated.... pci is going out. I have had excellent results with the M-audio Delta 1010lt with earlier versions of samplitude. Matter of fact I just got an M-audio Delta 1010 off ebay today for testing with Samplitude Pro X! Ill keep you posted on the results.
  3. I downloaded the demo of Pro X and could not get rewire working. After reading the posts here... I went digging..... In the folder where you installed samplitude, there are instructions on how to install rewire... I have uploaded all the files needed.... Rewire.zip
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