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  1. Thanks Kraznet - sometimes manuals can be magic. Why bother changing the tutorial? Maybe you could just add this information in the description of the video. I am glad that the problem is solved and I am sure you would have helped me promptly, if I hadn't figured it out myself.
  2. I sorted it out myself (having a look at the manual - not the tutorials on the net). I am going to explain it here anyway, maybe somebody else might have similar problems. 1) The recording only works if the monitor is set to "Mixer FX monitoring / hybrid engine" 2) After having recorded, you need to freeze all of the tracks in order to view the wave forms And that's about it. For the rest, follow Kraznet's instructions in his video tutorials on how to assign multiple outputs on youtube.
  3. I have done my search on the forum, but couldn't find any information. I have watched Kraznet's tutorial video on assigning multiple outputs from Kontakt-Player to Samplitude. I am using NI Kontakt 5 with Studio Drummer. I have followed every step described in the 4 videos, however, when I want to record the VSTI output into Samplitude, it doesn't work. Track 1: Midi track Track 2-9 Instrument outputs from Studio Drummer. The peak level shows clearly that there is the correct input (difference between base and snare drum for example) and I can solo the tracks and listen to the individual instruments. Yet, when I want to record in order to get wave-files to go on working with, nothing happens. It's also strange that I can merely arm one of the 8 instrument output track, when set to "audio record" (that's what Kraznet points out in the comment section of his latest video in the series). I am lost now - have been trying to get this right for sometime - I hope someone can fill me in. Thanks!
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