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  1. hi ast u can use the small concert hall or every setting with the hall a or hall b algorythm and i found a second bug. if i save my project with hall a and b in my preset and reload my project i have complete other settings in my project. i have retro alg. instead of hall a or b. i used it in fl studio, samplitude music studio and the free version of studio one. u can use small concert hall preset. i hope that helps u. because i coudlnt make any video for that.
  2. i use variverb vers. 2.0 in fl studio and everytime i use the hall 1 and hall 2 verb and the decay is not over 4.5 sec (decay) i have no reverb tail. and if i use variverb vers. 1.11 i have a tail i tested it on 3 daw demos also ( samplitude pro x test version, presonus studio one, cubase) in my samplitude music studio 2013 and fl studio is the same. I adjusted the settings for both programs Sun decay 3.8 seconds Pre-delay 40ms size 100% absorbtion 0 wet 100 dry 100 i call support but have written to me that they could not reproduce the error. What is the reason for now know that one of you?? sry about my bad english greeting from germany Sascha
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