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  1. Thank you for the explanation. Like you said once, there’s usually more than one way to accomplish a task - but this is certainly THE way to do it! Oh, and my comment about the DAWs audio quality didn’t have anything to do /w the notorious debate about the matter but more with my poor Eng. I was referring to processed audio. +1 excellent tutorial! Cavally
  2. Hello I was hoping for someone like you to help me (hopefully - us). I usually don't bother ppl before I'm sure I'm not up to it so I (also) watched your videos (which are btw brilliant!) The procedure that I'm after should be pretty basic stuff but I understand that it's not on the top priority list of non-loop based DAWs and I'd really like a direction of an expert like you. I also suspect that there may be a "faster" method which probably somehow degrades audio and a more "rex-style" way... Well I didn't have much time to play around /w Samp so I will gladly wait for a tutorial. Thanks for all the hard work you've already done! Cavally
  3. Hi! Tried Samp I was absolutely blown away by the quality of (rendered) audio (did a comparison /w other software) – I read somewhere that the differences in audio quality are a myth – but hey, if I can tell the difference... I’m part composing “linear” music but also using loops. My question is: What would be the workflow if I wanted to do something like drag and drop a loop on track and the loop immediately adjusts to project tempo (like in studio one, ableton..) The problem is that it took me 5 times longer to accomplish the same task in Samp (bare in mind I just tested it so I don’t even know if I did it right – used the time stretching "mouse", AQ was useful only for if there was just a little tempo difference). Let’s say the loop is 125 BPM and the project is 130. I apologize jumping like that on the matter but I’m really impressed /w the result – so even if it takes twice the time I’d be all over Samp. I’d be very happy if somebody could give me a hint on the workflow or point me to a tutorial. (sadly they are hard to find although some people here are really doing a great(!) job helping)
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