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  1. I just found how I can save my project so I can open it on another computer with "Save complete VIP in". --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hREL7mY54xM It took me a while before I found it, it was in a slightly different place than the video showed me. But is it possible to open a project from samplitude music studio 2013 in samplitude pro x? I already did this with Sam. music studio MX to Sam music studio 2013 but now I'm in doubt. Thanks, Benny
  2. Hello, I'm going to buy samplitude pro x, but I have some projects in samplitude music studio 2013 who I'd like to open in samplitude pro x. I searched through the video's of kraznet and the forum, but I couldn't find something on how to save or export a whole project with midi and audiotracks to another computer and/or another version. is this even possible or do I need to start all over again? Thanks, Benny
  3. Hmm, that explains a lot ^^ I was planning to buy samplitude pro X in the near future anyway, I just need to be patient. Thanks for the effort! Much appreciated Benny
  4. Hey, I'd like to sidechain in my version of samplitude.(Samplitude Mucis Studio 2013). I know what sidechaining is and does, I even watched the tutorials for sidechaining in samplitude from Kraznet. But i do not have the compressors that he uses. wich has a key input. I do have a compressor where there is an option "sidechain": the eFX compressor, but with this compressor I can only put it on internal or external. And I really don't understand it. I thought to look it up in my manual, but that part was written in german and i can't read german :s Is there someone who knows how to deal with this? Thanks
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