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  1. Thanks, that makes perfect sense... I had taken "music studio" to be a description of the function, rather than the model/version. that then begs the question. How far removed from the pro version, is Music Studio? Do they share the same basic interface, with features removed? or is it a completely different experience all together?
  2. Hey guys, I've been using Samplitude casually since '08 (got my copy cheap as an employee of one of the vendors), and have been very happy with it. I'm to the point where i'm interested in upgrading to the current version, but that has left me with a bit of a quandry. My version is 15, and i'm curious where it falls in the production line. There is no mention of this version on the upgrade page of the samplitude site, and if i choose "upgrade" from within the program, it has an ad for upgrading to version 10 Anybody know anything about Samplitude 15?
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