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  1. I'm registered for the full forum so i will continue my inquiries over there. I haven't searched the whole forum but I'll dig a little deeper. Thanks again for your help. XJ
  2. I was not being entirely accurate about the naming. A number was appended to each ( but an odd numbering- 202, 203, something like that). Still not helpful, as i would have to listen to each file to find out what it is, then rename each individually. For some sound design work i do, making many objects (sounds) and making variations of them creates enough so you only want to name things once if possible- it adds another time-sucking layer of work, and potential naming errors. If I could lasso those suckers and hit one shortcut key I could work like my old DAW work a lot more efficiently. If there is a feature request thread in the forum i will definitely pay a visit. Cheers, J2
  3. Thanks TL, that was what I was after. Unfortunately it didn't use the object names, so I now have 17 files with the same name unless I bounce each one separately. Baby steps! Cheers, J
  4. Yes- Link-All was selected. Cat on Keyboard Shortcut Syndrome! Thanks for the help.
  5. Samplitude in Bizarro World today- things behaving oddly. Selecting one object in a timeline selects all the following objects: My cat likes to jump onto my keyboard- did she set a preference? HELP!
  6. Issue: using the File->Export function to export an object as a file exports the entire track. Most of my workflows involve a need to do this. In this case I simply did some volume adjustments to some songs in my timeline and want to export each song as an mp3 file. All the exported songs turned out to be exactly the same; a 1 hour file of all objects. Froze objects and tried again with the same result. Also, Export wants to name the file with the project name, not the object name. Is there something I'm overlooking or do I have to bounce each file, etc, etc, etc...?
  7. Hi All- I recently upgraded my computer and operating system. I would like to transfer my old preferences to the new system and so am inquiring about the best way to accomplish this. I see there is a ProgramData folder into which I could drag my old data, but there are keyfiles and such in there that probably not be overwritten. I see there is a way to export shortcuts but everything else?
  8. I never would have found that. Thank you, Sir!
  9. Is it possible to get the Track meters in the arrange window to show playback levels? Please say yes...
  10. Workflow improvements

  11. I have an OMF with objects in a track. I also have the reference movie and its audio track all lined up. For a streamlined workflow i would like to: Select an object Transfer its range to the timeline range. Split the reference audio with a keystroke Mute the newly created object 1,2, and 4 i can handle. But the reference audio will not split. . You can see the range at the top based on the object below. Even selecting the top track and using the split command does nothing. If I just use the cursor to split it, it works fine. I will be most happy to hear that this is human error. Thanks in advance-
  12. Thanks Kraz. Magix Video Pro X which I happen to have has these mapped to the I (in) and O (out) keys. So I know it's possible! =) Thanks for the reply.
  13. I would love for this to be a toggle; Range follows Object. I have a shortcut to send the object to the range, but when you have scores of OMF objects to go through it would be great to save that tedious keystroke. I guess I should post to the FR thread, but it's here anyway for posterity.
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