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  1. 1 minute ago, hyper.real said:

    In the mixer, the second line item named "Dly" will let you set a delay/anticipation time on a per track basis in a number of different time units. It works for both audio and MIDI tracks.

    Thank you for responding,  I will have to check it. Is this in camo? Second line in which section? Sry trying to find 

  2. How can I fix this? I record right on the beat with one simple note with metronome just to see , and it's not on point. Can anyone tell me how to fix this please because every time I quantize a recorded midi track it messes it up so I have to grab the whole object and move it slightly back then quantize. Thanks in advance.

    Check out the image. 



  3. Art, that link to the SlapBass one asks for login, but the login screen is not working in Firefox for some reason. It pops up, but cannot be filled out and is grayed out in appearance.

    (Just checked - not working in Chrome either. Neither does the pop-up asking for email address to subscribe allow text entry...)


    I'm very sorry for that Terry I went through a lot of trouble with technical situations, anyways it's working now. Let me know how it works out
  4. Hi all, Im making bass guitar grooves for anyone who wants to use it in there music, I will try my best to take any requests for any style , just be patient.. I need time and therefor growing this so please stay tuned for future new Samples, Grooves and feel free to share if you like them.. so If I see positive feedback I will get motivated and make lots more for the music community .....anyways
    here is the link ,... Enjoy!!



  5. Creating complementary EQ curves

    We now know that it’s best to make EQ decisions in context, based on how we want to push and pull the listener’s focus and compliment all the instruments and song as a whole. We also know that frequency and pitch are directly related. And therefore, elements playing in the same octave are in danger of competing with each other and may need special consideration in regards to EQ to sound good in context. Simply boosting an instrument’s fundamental frequency tends to make instruments blur together in the mix...... http://corner1stop.com/open-sounding-mixes/

  6. I am having the same midi problem,. MIDI OVERLOAD TOO MUCH MIDI JOBS!,,, I am trying to playback a midi file to my Yamaha motif xf keyboard to record a sound wav into samplitude, unfortunately I cant do this with SAM,. for some reason. before I move to SAM I was working with Sonar and doing this was not an issue,. for example I want to record midi with my keyboard , it doesnt work . how do I fix this guys????

    Thanks in Advance !!!

  7. Hi all, I am new to Samplitude and I wanna get to know the program better, I have checked all the videos on Samplitude.mellow.png​ What I want to know is --------->>>>

    1. If I am arranging a song and using midi %90 of the time, what should the "audio engine" settings be? is this something that has to be changed in different steps through the process or ! setting should do? for example Economic Engine , Hybrid? (more info about the Audio Engine to make me understand will help)

    2.How do I overlap the objects? When I drag an object its either 1 object between the 2, for example overlapping an object to cross-fade and such.

    3.I noticed stuttering sometimes :( it happens in different audio engine modes. my audio interface buffer size is 256 - 512, I tried both settings.

    4.I have noticed Export problems, Once I did a mix and tried to export it and it took to long and after export finished, I opened the file and tried to listen before burning and I noticed a bad stuttering!!., I tried to disable some plugins and I did find out that it had to do with, UAD plugins, are they compatible with Samplitude Pro X? I have to have them. I am using 32 Bit version of Samplitude.

    5.Is there a way to record audio without having the input monitoring to get in the way? its very annoying. I tried to turn it off, but then I dont see my levels.:( Iv'e been using Sonar for a long time and thought this would be a great upgrade. However Sonar does this no problem, arming tracks while playback in process overdubbing , turning off input monitor on off and still see the input signal level while the track is (Armed). Is there a way to do this?

    6.How can I have all my objects the same color "AFTER" I have selected them the same color, when I record a new object in a existing track with the modified color, the newly recorded track is a different color. or sometimes waves are red in the objects and sometimes they are blue or white I think, anyways. I would like to have them simple as possible to the eye.

  8. Why cant I do "Undo(s)" In piano roll? There are keys I want to use Universally in any window, this is so frustrating,.

    And I noticed Samplitude works differently from other DAWs.

    I would like to be able to control transport back and forward no matter if using ,piano roll, mixer page, and so on.

    is there any video on how to transport quickly, navigate , for example if I'm at measure 15" and I want to go to measure 110" but my screen is showing from 15 to 25 let's say, Do I have to zoom out and click desired area? or no

    any help I would appreciate.


    Best Regards

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