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  1. While waiting for my little room to be built, I am working only on headphones (Beyer DT150 w Sonarworks ID). Messing with guitar sounds, I notice that tones which seem kinda dirty at low level listening, appear to "clean up" as I turn up the cans volume. Very weird. Any ideas, data or thoughts on this? Cheers, Bob.
  2. Hey Sunny, Ta, I am aware of using Aux (and Sub-mix) sends/receives to do the job, however, a VST insert would simply save time and mixer real estate, as I use this little trick on a lot of guitars in a mix. After frigging about last night and most of today, I finally found the root cause of the Waves GUI issue; graphics drivers. Waves GUI does not like the newer Radeon/AMD drivers. I cleaned out the latest version, and (after much trial and error) found and installed one from 2019, which works fine. Cheers, Bob.
  3. Hi Sunny, I bought the Waves plugin, however, the GUI in both Samp and Reaper is totally screwed up, meaning I can't use the plugin. Do you have any other suggestions? Cheers, Bob.
  4. I am searching, so far to no avail, for a VST delay, which allows for panning of the dry signal, in addition to panning the delayed signal. I know I can do this by using a zero value for one delay, and panning that, and that there are other, more time consuming, ways to skin this cat, but a plugin which does what I'm chasing would be neat. Cheers, Bob.
  5. Martin, how may I contact you?



  6. Sascha, thank you for the detailed response. I'll continue to use it for mixing! Cheers, Bob.
  7. Sascha, though I have other guitar speaker box emulators (via my Axe FX, a gazillion IR's etc) I still very much like the tone of your "speaker boxes", inside Vandal. Question - will this ever be updated, or "improved" upon? Cheers and I hope you are well, Bob.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I love doing videos - if only I could get paid for it! :-) Cheers, Bob.
  9. All done in Samp, of course. Hope you dig it. Cheers, Bob.
  10. The band I joined last year (very old friends) just toured through Europe, Germany being the country we spent the most time in. Never been there before. LOVE IT! I found the German people fantastic; well educated, polite, gracious, kind and patient, not to mention largely digging the precise nature of their speech and actions. Looking forward to going back in a few weeks, then again next year (Wacken etc). Here are the band's future dates http://www.rosetattoo.com.au/tourdates BTW, I'll be taking a Kemper this time - we went through 9 hire Marshalls of varying suitability, which I do not want to do again!! Cheers, Bob.
  11. I've been in the Australian Music Business since 1971 (I was 14, and 15 when I recorded my first album with a band), but have never before attempted a solo album. I found the journey both incredibly stressful and oddly satisfying. Though in the past my bands' albums have been mixed by people who actually know what they are doing ( :-) ) with my overview and input as a songwriter, I mixed this entirely by myself. Nearly drove me mad! Here are some heavily edited previews, in mp3 form: www.bobspencer.com.au/previews Cheers, Bob.
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