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  1. While waiting for my little room to be built, I am working only on headphones (Beyer DT150 w Sonarworks ID). Messing with guitar sounds, I notice that tones which seem kinda dirty at low level listening, appear to "clean up" as I turn up the cans volume. Very weird. Any ideas, data or thoughts on this? Cheers, Bob.
  2. Hey Sunny, Ta, I am aware of using Aux (and Sub-mix) sends/receives to do the job, however, a VST insert would simply save time and mixer real estate, as I use this little trick on a lot of guitars in a mix. After frigging about last night and most of today, I finally found the root cause of the Waves GUI issue; graphics drivers. Waves GUI does not like the newer Radeon/AMD drivers. I cleaned out the latest version, and (after much trial and error) found and installed one from 2019, which works fine. Cheers, Bob.
  3. Hi Sunny, I bought the Waves plugin, however, the GUI in both Samp and Reaper is totally screwed up, meaning I can't use the plugin. Do you have any other suggestions? Cheers, Bob.
  4. I am searching, so far to no avail, for a VST delay, which allows for panning of the dry signal, in addition to panning the delayed signal. I know I can do this by using a zero value for one delay, and panning that, and that there are other, more time consuming, ways to skin this cat, but a plugin which does what I'm chasing would be neat. Cheers, Bob.
  5. Martin, how may I contact you?



  6. Sascha, thank you for the detailed response. I'll continue to use it for mixing! Cheers, Bob.
  7. Sascha, though I have other guitar speaker box emulators (via my Axe FX, a gazillion IR's etc) I still very much like the tone of your "speaker boxes", inside Vandal. Question - will this ever be updated, or "improved" upon? Cheers and I hope you are well, Bob.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I love doing videos - if only I could get paid for it! :-) Cheers, Bob.
  9. All done in Samp, of course. Hope you dig it. Cheers, Bob.
  10. The band I joined last year (very old friends) just toured through Europe, Germany being the country we spent the most time in. Never been there before. LOVE IT! I found the German people fantastic; well educated, polite, gracious, kind and patient, not to mention largely digging the precise nature of their speech and actions. Looking forward to going back in a few weeks, then again next year (Wacken etc). Here are the band's future dates http://www.rosetattoo.com.au/tourdates BTW, I'll be taking a Kemper this time - we went through 9 hire Marshalls of varying suitability, which I do not want to do again!! Cheers, Bob.
  11. I've been in the Australian Music Business since 1971 (I was 14, and 15 when I recorded my first album with a band), but have never before attempted a solo album. I found the journey both incredibly stressful and oddly satisfying. Though in the past my bands' albums have been mixed by people who actually know what they are doing ( :-) ) with my overview and input as a songwriter, I mixed this entirely by myself. Nearly drove me mad! Here are some heavily edited previews, in mp3 form: www.bobspencer.com.au/previews Cheers, Bob.
  12. Way cool and that's a nice vocal sound. Cheers, Bob.
  13. Here's a little ditty recorded, mixed and mastered ITB in Samp ProX. I've been in successful bands down here in Oz since the 70's, but this is the first "solo" thing I've ever done. All done by me, BTW, which drove me nuts!! In one sense, I miss the old days of being bunkered down in big studios for months at a time and the impressions from other ears. OTOH.......... :-) The vocal is a tad low, but that's mostly because it's the first time I've sung lead on a track & it feels kinda weird. Lesson learned. I'll get the extreme bottom end right later. https://vimeo.com/163813286 And no auto-tune! Cheers, Bob.
  14. Thanks mate. I didn't know you used the KVR forum. Will keep checking there. Cheers, Bob.
  15. I know it's OT, however! Any ETA on Satin? Thanks mate, Bob.
  16. That's probably the best answer you'll get anywhere unless you can convince Tim to get the team involved to develop it further. Looks like the Magix team already got its plate full and the latest has been supporting the whole Magix suite as native vsts for those wanting to use many of the legacy plugins like AM suite (including the revered Ammunition) in other hosts. Good luck for now. Cheers, AC Thanks mate - I appreciate that. Cheers, Bob.
  17. Hey Kraznet. I was wondering, now that Sascha is elsewhere with his app developments, whether there will be any updates to Vandal? He posted a very long while ago that there would be, but I've seen nothing. It's not the end of the World as I know it, but it would be a pity. Cheers, Bob.
  18. I also prefer Vandal over the POD. I find it sits in the mix better & doesn't sound so "stiff". IMO etc I would love Sascha to continue its development. Cheers, Bob.
  19. There is a guy in Hamburg, called Peter Kah. He is riding the dead horse, doing presets for Vandal. Check him. :-) Ta.
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