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  1. hi there, when there was a new reply to a thread in the old forum, when I clicked on the thread it opened automatically on first unread reply, which was very cool. Now in the new forum, the thread opens on the first entry (the beginning, or original post) and I have to scroll down and find the new ones. Is it possible to have this functionality back? I know I can open the last post by clicking the time/date of it being posted, but it's not the same, especially when there are more posts since I was on the forum.
  2. Hi Philip, I came to Samplitude from Pro Tools 10, for me the performance and stability of Sam was far better. It took me quite a while to get used to editing and some other workflow issues but watching Kraznet`s videos, Samplitude academy, reading through manual and lot`s of experimenting helped a lot and I rarely go back to PT - actually never. There are bugs and things like in every software but as I said Sam is much smoother ride for me comparing to PT. For perfomance issues try experimenting with engine modes - I use mostly Hybrid engine but if the CPU (I7 2600) struggles I go to software monitoring and/or freezing tracks and things are fine. The problem is using 32bit plugins when running 64bit sam - there is bit bridging but it tends to be very taxing on CPU so best avoid and stick to same bit resolution plugs. Hope it helps and let me know if you have more questions if I can I`ll be happy to help.
  3. Hey, Ok I am with you now.Didn`t realize that there is no firewire/usb connection. I have no experience with any of those cards you are interested. I myself have Prism Orpheus http://www.prismsound.com/music_recording/products_subs/orpheus/orpheus_home.php Sound quality is excelent, and works with Samplitude like a charm. I don`t really use digital IO so can`t advice on that. All the best x
  4. Hi JustCurious, That doesn`t make sense. You said that you have apogee ad/da converter(which model?). Well this is basically your sound card. AD/DA stands for Analog>Digital/Digital-Analog, and this is basically the definition of soundcard - converting A to D on the input and D to A at the output. However, if you want to record microphones etc.What you will need is a pre-amp( some soundcards have built in pre amps). If you want to record multiple sources at once, you will need multiple pre-amps. The signal chain is Mic>Pre-Amp>AD>DAW>DA>Monitor amp>monitor.
  5. Thank you all. I am busier than I wish to be so not much time left to play with Samplitude right now. I had to mix couple of songs quickly so went with PT as I am faster with it, but whenever I turn on Samplitude I feel inspired and amazed. It has so many things no one even mentions - like surround panning in mixer - how cool is that! Sometimes when I have timestretching tool, it doesn`t want to timestretch actually, instead it moves the object when I approach the edge of it, unlike in Kraznet`s video. Any ideas why? So yeah Samp has quite a lot of quirks, especially from operational point of view, but at the same time it invites me to explore, and keeps surprising me with clever implementation of functions...
  6. Thanks Kraznet, that is helpful. Amazing animation, too! Any insight regarding audio engines? Best Xeligio
  7. I use Waldorf Blofeld, known for unique sound and also plenty of bugs... the patch is actually pretty simple, so don`t think its CC overload. As you couldn`t reproduce it, I will blame the Blofeld for now. ctrl+alt+pgup/down doesn`t do anything on my system
  8. Hi Kraznet, First of all I would like to better understand the different engine modes. Hybrid is recommended most of the times, as a good compromise between low latency mixer and possibility to put the tracks that don`t need extra low latency in economy mode so I would like to better understand how to use the economy tracks, different engine modes, and is there actually point to use hybrid when only mixing? Another thing I have experienced: I recorded a midi track, routed to external synth. Everything works fine. Now when I open the project and the synth is off, it doesn`t play, obviously. When I turn the synth on, and go to MIDI menu, samplitude recognizes new connected device properly. But then when I want to play the project, samplitude is stopping the playback and saying: "Midi engine overload!Too much midi jobs." When i quit samplitude and restart the project with synth on, everything works well. Is this normal? Can I avoid it? (other than turning of the synth before opening the session in the first place of course And is there a command to scale the tracks to the same size at once? I can scale one track by dragging the horizontal edge in track header, but often i would like to do this with more than one track. In another words, is there something like "do-to-all" command/modifier? I will have a closer look at the workshop articles, I have read some already and they are helpful! Many thanks
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