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  1. Hello Rods, Thanks for your quick reply however according to the website from Audio Ease; Sequoia and Samplitude are tested host applications for Altiverb.
  2. To All, I am fairly new to Samplitude and Windows 10 Pro (coming from Pro Tools 2018 on Mac) so not familiar with where plugins are stored on the system. I installed Samplitude Pro X4 including other plugins such as Waves Renaissance bundle, SSL, Fabfilter EQ, Phoenixverb including Lexicon and Altiverb however the two latter ones (Lexicon & Altiverb) are not showing up in the Samp. What is it that I do wrong?
  3. I have been recording classical music since 2008 mostly by the use of DPA/Schoeps/Nagra and Mac Pro and Pro Tools however met a couple of German Tonmeisters who all used Magix Sequoia and I was very impressed what they could do with it. Due to the fact that I have no longer an Apple I bought recently a second hand workstation from HP Z440 with Hexa-core Xeon processor and bought a copy of Samplitude. Now I need to start to learn the program and look forward meeting people on this forum

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