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  1. thanks, i have tred this one. it crashes constantly anyway, the problem will remain in all above mentioned "VST-not friendly" DAWs. only Presonus and Ableton scans cleared all my plugins. as for Logic, yes it could be a great choise, if it was available for Windows.
  2. is there a way to prevent 64-bit Sam from bridging (32-bit plugins scanning) ? would be great it there was such a feature.
  3. thanks for your assistance, no further help is needed. i have made my DAW choice, it is Presonus Studio One. as for the problems i have experienced with Sam Pro, just to be fair - situation in Sonar is even worth, DP 8 and Cubase have similar problems too. actually, DAWs which can handle VSTs almost trouble-free - are those "newcomers" Ableton Live and Presonus Studio One. all of the "old-school" DAWs carry too much of the past in their chock-full (even if newly overwritten) interfaces, imo. greets
  4. Thanks, Matthias! Here is a video of picking of one VST, which actually opens another - a Magix fx in this case. My Movie.wmv
  5. it is currently running with admin rights. i have tried it without before that. weird stuff indeed. nothing to do with the particular PCM plugins , it has also happend with other plugins while testing. when the number of plugins reaches a certain border, don't really know which, the remaining lot down the list just go grey. it is difficult to see what the actual score is, because while most of the plugins in the bottom rows are grey, some in the same groups may look fine, altough, when you choose those - some other plugin would pop up instead. i don't have a video capture software, i can't show you how it happens, but it does. the 2nd attached picture of UAD plugns is symptomatic. if i move those plugings way up in my VST directoryy renaming the folder with 00, they work fine, but when it is down the directory - that's how it looks like (see the attachment), and when one of those is picked, it will trigger some random plugins from other directories to come up. it is probably a bug and a nasty one ,if so. thanks for your attention, anyway. p.s. as you can see on the 1st picture - i have moved the UAD directory up with "00" rename and it is now functional. and even the PCM directory has reappeared, although, other bottom directories's plugins went grey....
  6. hello Kraznet! thanks for responding sure, here it is it happens to all plugins, no matter 32-bit or 64-bit, as long as those are moved to the last positions on the directory. i have tried many arrangements to set the directories, scanned about 6-7 times with cleaning the .ini before each scan. what is happening on screenshots - i have added a plugin in one of the first directories ande the last plugin shown as valid on image n.1 now faded to grey on image n.3 . and the whole PCM directory, shown on the first picture is gone.and some mlre plugins are grey image 2 shows that PCM directory is still present in the system. it seems like i can't even post my pix in proper order here on forum. is it a symptomatic behaviour in Sam? basic script problems?
  7. anybody?? well, then Steinberg gets my €300 , NP.
  8. Hello I am testing Samplitude Pro X vs Cubase 7, possibly expanding from Ableton. I have to choose a DAW for my unversity studies and sadly Ableton Live is not on the teacher's choice list. There is a problem in Sam with VSTs, which after the scan are shown, but in grey as inactive. What I have noticed is, that this is probably a quantity-dependable issue and plugins start to grey-out after a certain number of plugins scanned. I have tried the scan .ini file adjustment, as suggested by Kraznet, brought my values up to 10-10, but it is not the case. Is there a given limit to the plugins in Sam? Is it possible to override this? Thanks
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