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  1. If I manually ajuga the project one open and the change the sample rate to somthing the it back to 44100 it will play, as soon as I close the play back dialogue box it switches back. To the slowed version. My sound card is external USB 2 taskam us 122l . It's control panel allows me to only change latency settings, no option for play back, but states a sample rate of 44100.
  2. Had a look today and the varipitch option is not ticked. But I did try changing the play back sample rate. Switching it from 44100 to some thing else and back solved the play back problem but just until I hit stop. When pressing play again or exporting the file as mp3 the same slowing down occurs.
  3. It also changes the speed, could it be a sample rate problem and that samplitude is loading different default perimeter when I open it? If so is there a way to find out at what settings the original VIP was created with?
  4. Hello new to the forum but been using samplitude a while ,however just recently I have had some rather weird things happen. Upon saving and closing a project. And then opening it up again. The whole VIP pitch and time shifts so the recordings either sound like chipmunks or demons In a cave. I'm at a loss to what may cause this as they are saved sounding fine and then do this strange this when re opening. Any ideas to he P me out would be great.
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