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  1. As MIDI keyboard I use my Dynatone DPR-2200. I tryed to find some kind of a MIDI velocity options but I don't think it has it. Looks like I'll have to upgrade my Samplitude after all.
  2. Oh I see.... I have Samplitude 11 Producer, which does not have that fuction. I'm sorry, my fault.
  3. Is there anoter way how to open the MIDI Velocity dynamics menu? I don't have that Velocity Dyn button and Alt+V shortcut does not work
  4. The velocity level is about 60 (average)
  5. Yes unfortunately. I checked it again. My Samplitude peak-meter shows a level between -45 and -30 db It is weird, I don't know what may be wrong.
  6. Good day, I have a problem. Every time I record something using my keyboards, Samplitude 11 Pro and Kontakt 5 player (The Giant) the sound is very quiet. I have to turn the volume up to 6db to be able to hear something. I have this problem for quite a while and I don't know where is the problem. Do you know what may be wrong? Thanks -Jaff
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