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  1. After this update, it seems more difficult to spot the difference between read and unread threads. At least on a phone that is. Unread threads used to seem bolder and easier to pick out.
  2. I remember seeing a setting to ignore tempo markers and use project tempo. I'm using Sequoia 13 but Sam should be the same.
  3. I found this hiding in my basement today. It must have been here forever. Never knew I owned it or that Magix made it. I don't remember my children ever using it. Just a little fun.
  4. Best Service Engine is the same or almost the same as Independence. Their libraries should be compatible. Be certain before you buy.
  5. Send on omni, receive on their own channels (and tracks I guess). Next up, scale the keyboard range somehow.
  6. In Pro X, I tracked a hardware synth the other day, also recording MIDI info to supplement or replace the sounds. After opening Independence (basic) I realized my hardware synths had better piano and clav sounds
  7. I have just picked up Pro X and successfully used this technique to trigger MIDI bass and snare. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into these videos.
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