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  1. someone earlier mentioned automation. this aspect of the app is so in need of an overhaul it's not funny. i do automation intensive EDM with a lot of softsynths (i know i'm in the minority here) the automation has me ripping my hair out for the following reasons: * no track lanes... with track lanes we wouldn't need all the complex mouse modes for switching to and from automation data and visually the various lines would be much easier to see and edit. (must be the only major DAW still without them atm) * selecting automation data nodes often results in additional unintended nodes being selected.. it's tedious and slows me down a lot. *when i nudge objects around that have track level automation, the automation moves at the beginning & end of the object get corrupted & create automation movements that were never intended and require tedious zooming in to edit out.. another one that slows me down to the point where i have to ask myself if this is worth enduring. (this is by far the worst part) also, to a lesser extent, better folder track structure (like indentation and better colour management) would be good. also, the way the folder tracks show tiny little lanes representing all contained tracks is stupid.. looks cluttered/confused once the tracks start to build up & is only worsened as further nested folders are added (such as in Orchestral mock-ups) i'm playing with cubase atm & it handles this side of things very well.. automation and general layout/arrange window management is far better.. of course, Samp/Seq blow Cubase away for audio focused work.. & people will argue that they each lean different ways but i wish Magix would take composing/midi more seriously & grow their user base in that area rather than adding more esoteric audio focused features that most people won't use. i don't want to hop between DAW's for different uses.. Cubase for composing or midi focused work, Samp/Protools for mixing or audio focused work.. I just want to focus on one DAW.. this may never be really possible but Samp isn't that far off being that DAW for me.. the others will most likely never have samps more indepth capabilites.. but samp just needs automation and arrange window features brought up to date and it would be the best out there. expression maps would be nice too but i'll stop now.
  2. still can't get tempo changes/automation to stay synchronized after a tempo change via the grid & marker bar... does anyone know how to do it ? here's a scenario.. have a 1 track project @ 120bpm create a midi object (say 4 bars) use track automation to write a volume fade out curve at the end of the object (fades from bar 4 to bar 5) then go up to the grid & marker bar and enter a bpm marker at the beginning of the midi object @ bar 1 beat 1 (it will default to 120bpm) double click the marker and change the tempo to 60bpm. you will see the midi object will appear to extend to the right as it stays with its relative musical position you will also see the automation curve does not move as it holds its relative time position and the volume curve now appears at the object's halfway point rather than at the end. how do i get track automation data to stay in sync with the midi object after the tempo change ?
  3. ok i've finally figured it out. this problem has nothing to do with the mouse mode. the mistake i made was not ticking the "adapt audio objects to new tempo" box when changing the tempo from the transport bar. (it is not ticked by default) because i was only using midi objects and no audio objects i didn't think ticking this box to adapt audio was required but it is. thanks again Georg, i appreciate you taking the time to help out.
  4. thanks Georg, but it doesn't work.. it only works when you slide the object backward or forward (ie channel automation curves move with object) but when tempo is changed the automation curves stay in their respective time positions rather than follow the object to the new musical position. i'm assuming you were refering to "linking objects" as stated in the manual (tried adding a screen shot but this site won't post it) i also have the same problem with markers... they don't move either.
  5. HI, how do i configure Samplitude to keep track automation curves with the objects after i make a tempo change ? i understand the "Link Curves to Objects" feature and this works ok if a copy/paste an object but if i change the project's tempo the track automation curves don't move with the objects... any suggestions ? thanks, Marbles
  6. these plugins allow you to send midi control change messages (CC#) to other VSTi synths to automate their parameters.. so for example - you can draw an LFO shape in LFO Tool to be used to modulate the filter cut off of another VST synth over a CC# i can't get either of these plugins to work in this way.. it appears the routing is different in each DAW and unfortunately no tutorials seem to exist out there for samplitude and the developers only show you cubase, ableton live & logic etc.. i know you can automate these parameters with track automation but it is pretty limited in comarison. anyone here tried these sort of plugins ? any suggestions on how to get it to work..? thanks, Shaun
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