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  1. Dear colleagues! I thank everyone who took part in the discussion of this issue. The solution was unexpected. Pro X3 began to "hang" while working with Independence and Midi. Reinstalled the" image " of the system and downloaded the Pro X Suite I was working on before. In the new project set 2 Independence (16 stereo outputs each). On all channels loaded tools, on all channels in both Independence switched off monitoring and ..... WORKS! Now it remains only to understand-why Pro X3 does not give such an opportunity? Special thanks to TotteG, Matfle, Tdor and Kraznet.
  2. Kraznet is absolutely right. I've already set up 16 stereo outputs. I'll try to explain it again. I need 32 separate Midi channels. Each Midi channel loads its own instrument. And I need these instruments to all sound at the same time. I have to hear the whole orchestra and be able to edit the sound of individual instruments. After will be able to build orchestral balance, all of the orchestra parts translate into audio format. Further work is already underway with audio files. If you load Independence 2 times, there will be 2 instruments on each Midi channel (1 on Midi channel 1 in Independence 1, the second on Midi channel 1 in Independence 2). They will sound simultaneously - and this is unacceptable (since different sounds have different characteristics and initial settings-attack, etc.) So I'm trying to find a way to have at least 32 Midi channels in Independence(Samplitude). Independence (in my opinion) is the best sampler to date. It has a lot of possibilities. And all the more it's a shame that it only provides 16 Midi channels. It seems to me that it will not be difficult for developers to solve this problem.
  3. I, perhaps, it is unclear explained. I do all the orchestrations in Midi format. And it is in Midi format that I need to hear the orchestra instruments at the same time. And since there are more than 16 instruments in the orchestra, I need more than 16 Midi channels. You can, of course, add Kontakt or something else. But I would like to do with the capabilities of its Samplitude.
  4. I play the Midi keyboard parts of each instrument and record it on a separate track. The simultaneous sound of all the instruments of the orchestra I need to refine tonal and color balance.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's what's happening to me. But I need to hear the sound of all the orchestra instruments at the same time. I understand that you can turn off the sounding instruments in parallel. But that's not my way. So I'm trying to find a way to add at least another 16 Midi channels.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I understand that if I install another Independence, there will be an additional 16 Midi channels. But I bought the Samplitude via mail, in a set of 12 DVDs. When you install from disk, Independence is automatically installed as a VSTi. How to install Independence again - I don't know.
  7. Thank you for the answer. I, in the work, use such installations which you showed. It is not clear that the manual says Independence supports 32 Midi Ports. But in fact only 1 is used. After all, Independence is a part of Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. Why can't I use the other Midi Ports? If this feature is not implemented in Independence (Samplitude), then the manufacturer has deceived me and sold a program that does not meet the stated characteristics. Why is this feature implemented in Kontakt and not in Independence? If I don't find the option to enable additional Midi Ports, then I need to ask the manufacturer to fix these errors, because the availability of these features determined my choice when buying Samplirude Pro X3 Suite.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I have tried this option for a long time. Unfortunately-not working. On all loaded Independence, on one channel (for example - on the 1st) all instruments which are installed in each Independence (as they are all directed on one Midi Port) simultaneously sound. This is equivalent to loading multiple instruments on one Midi channel in one Independence. They will all play simultaneously (on one Midi channel). And I want to find out how to set multiple MIDI Ports in Independence. Roughly the way it is done in Kontakt.
  9. I write music for theatrical performances. The composition of the orchestra - from small to symphonic. Independence I use it as a multitrack, then I convert all the parts to wave and mix the audio tracks to Samplitude. Now I'm working on a Hymn in which there are about 40 midi instruments. So I need to use more than 16 Midi channels.
  10. Tried to upload 2 Independence at the same time. Not help. Still only 16 Midi channels sound. At the same time, on one Midi channel sounds those sounds which are loaded. Previous issue: how to install more than 16 Midi channels in Independence when working in Samplitude Pro X3 Suite? Maybe Krasnet will be able to suggest?
  11. Xm. .. I'll have to try ... Thanks for the idea.
  12. The Independence manual states that it supports 32 MIDI ports and 512 MIDI channels. But I didn't find an indication that VST plugins doesn't support it. I use Independence inside the Samplitude and I need to work on more than 16 MIDI channels. But I can't find where are those settings.
  13. I am using the Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. I need to use more than 16 MIDI channels in Independence. How do I set up Independence on a few different MIDI ports?
  14. I work in the program Samplitude ProX Suite. My OS - Windows 7/64. In the process of project found that with the use of instruments of Independence, some controllers in MIDI editor does not work. Controllers Volume (7) and Expression (11) no effect on the sound does not have. You can assign any of the options - speaker sound is not changed. But if you download the tool from the VITA - all right. What is the problem? May be something I'm doing wrong?
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