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  1. Hi Craig, That should be Magix.info not .com Forum for MAGIX audio software
  2. @brmichael See this message that the fellow got when he tried to join this forum. Apparently, one does need to own Samplitude or Sequoia in order to join.
  3. A user on the Vegas forum interested in purchasing Samplitude has the following queston: He doesn't have Samplitude so can't join the forum. An example of what he does is: documentary with a lot of sound effects, interviews, voice-overs, music scores, and so on. I went through some previous posts about this and the answers and comments were all over the place with the exception of this one asked by Kraznet. If you do not use or have not used Samplitude for this, please do not comment. He does not need to know that you were not able to import a video into Samplitude or which other programs can be used for this or which ones may be better. If anyone has examples for which they show screen shots of the Arranger, that would be helpful. Thanks, John CB
  4. @BJR In that case, you should have an account with Magix. I hope that you still have your password. If so, then you should log into your account at Magix.com and update your email address. If you've forgotten your password on top of it, then you'll need to contact Magix to get the email address updated. You can always download and install from your account at Magix.com, no need for CD's or DVD's - they are obsolete by the time you get them. I am in Charlevoix and purchase everything from Magix on line.
  5. I don't have Independence on my laptop and I'm away from home so I can't test this properly, but I loaded the Vita Grand. Looking at the on-screen keyboard, it goes down to C-2. It plays the bottom two notes A and A# that you mention, which are just below C0, but nothing below that. Are you trying to go lower than that? Ok. I'm at home and you are quite right, two keys are missing from the bottom in Independence. Strange. And the Vita Concert Grand does not have the same quality as Independence.
  6. Hi, You didn't give any indication of the resolution of the video. Is it 4K, full HD? You also did not provide the specs of your computer. Either way, in your video editor, export to a lower resolution, like SD, and use that. If you have Magix Movie Edit Pro or Video Pro X, export to the Magix format mxv and as Standard Definition; Samplitude likes that. Then you should have no problems.
  7. @jonel It's the free version. Only if you want to get and use Soundpool Loops. I started with MusicMaker and got Samplitude Music Studio bundled with it a long time ago, so I have almost all instruments and a ton of Soundpool Loops. Then I upgraded to Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. I still use MMM as I find it quicker and simpler for just putting together some loops for my videos, and even narration. Anything more complicated and I use Samplitude. To be up to speed with MMM, you would need to purchase the Premium version which unlocks most features and gives you credits for instruments, presets, features and Soundpool Loops that you can use. Instruments purchased with MMM do not work with Samplitude. Independence SAL does work with MMM.
  8. No, not at all. Scroll down on the Overview page to see what comes with Standard, Pro and Premium; 2GB, 12GB and 70GB sound library, respectively. Then look at the comparison chart to see all of the differences between Pro and Premium.
  9. As many times as you want per day if you go into your account and deactivate.
  10. Hi David, Did you mean Surface "Pro" and not "Go"? I have no problems with MM on my Surface Pro 4, i5, 8GB RAM.
  11. A bit stale, but with MMM2019, you can now change the install location. Just remember to activate after installation (previous activation codes should show up automatically) and then under the Media pool gear, select download and install and do so from the Download Manager.
  12. @zdogg See my reply to your other thread on this.
  13. Hi Kraznet, It's hard to know where to stop when doing a tutorial. As far as I know, it has never been possible to record by pressing on the keys of the keyboard at the bottom of an instrument, but many users try. My only point is that when users see the keyboard with the instrument, they try to record a few notes by pressing on the keys. Then they complain on the forum (Magix.info) that they can't record MIDI, the program is crap, without indicating how they were trying to do it. After several go-rounds of 20 questions, we discover that they were trying to use the instrument keyboard. So, just a quick mention that one cannot record using this keyboard would help reduce this problem. Maybe you can just mention this in the description on YT. I am sure that I saw one of your tutorials about articulation keys recently, or was it as an answer to someone? If you didn't formalize it, it would be a good one and a good place to note that you can't record using the instrument keyboard. I don't think that many users are aware of these keys, as seen in the attached photo, let alone how to use them. Thanks for all of your great tutorials, John
  14. Another good one! Unless I missed it, you didn't mention that one cannot record using the keyboard at the bottom of the instrument interface. This has happened to many new users, particularly with MusicMaker (many posts on the other forum).
  15. Hi, You have to record the switch key. Each time the piano roll finds a switch key, it makes the change to the following notes until it hits another switch key, etc.
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