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  1. There's no start up dialog. The trial version I downloaded has been in my pc for months so I guess it's expired. Also I haven't seen any mention of timed trial so I tought it was just lacking some features. When I tried it first time, right after downloading the trial it didn't work either (exactly the same daw and set up).
  2. Hey, I've got the trial version of Vandal, and it doesn't affect the sound in any way. Tried all the effets and presets and it didn't process the sound (DI guitar track). Only knob that works is the ''in'' volume, weidly enough even the ''out'' does nothing. Also tried setting another vst distortion in front of it without cab simulation to hear if there was any coming from Vandal and there wasn't. I'm using it in reaper ,checked that it was 100% wet and all the other effects on the track work. Also tried it on my old studio pc and it didn't work there either. So I assume that I am doing something wrong.
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