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  1. The lost "save track effects" is found. I found it when I installed the (in Pro X3 included) Birdlines platinum skins. Just right-click FX. It is present also in the standard Camo skin but here not in a place related to the plugins. /Göran aus Schweden
  2. can I activate Pro X3 (not suite) on 2 computers
  3. Samplitude Pro X3 activation rules Where can I read the complete rules !(?) SampMusicStudio:---------------- You can activate 2 computeres. You can re-activate many (indefinit I think) times. If you want to activate a third computer you just have to de-actvate one of the two first computers. You also have to connect to magix once a month to veryfy the activation. ---------------------------------------- /Göran aus Schwedenmany times
  4. this forum is for " A forum for interested newcomers and Samplitude SE users. No official support. " what is Samplitude SE
  5. If I open a plugin and do some change then hit ctrl+S Samplitude PRO X3 will not save (because the window focus is still on the plugin window) I have to click the Samplitude window first then hit ctrl+S now it will save. This is one of many very frustrating thing about Samplitude and you will not notice it untill much later and maybe lost some of your work and time. This is not so in Reaper here short-keys always work. Why is this default in Samplitude ? And how do I fix it ? /Göran Aus Schweden
  6. I have samplitudeMusic Studiom2015 I am demo Pro X3 but I just can not find: How to save a plug-in configuration in Pro X3
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