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  1. Thanks guys. Looks like I'll have to connect my music computer to the internet and update to Pro X3 Suite. Ken.
  2. Hello folks I have an album that I want to send to a manufacturer. I've put everything together including start, pause and end IDs. All tracks are named, etc. What I want to do is create a file that carries all this information with the audio so I can upload the whole thing to the manufacturer. Not sure how to do this though. I've clicked on 'Make CD', and 'Generate a complete new file for the whole CD'. Now I see I have two files on the computer; a wav file and a cue file. I suppose I can send the manufacturer both files (assuming that they can read the cue file), but it would be better, I think, if I could create a DDP that would contain everything in a format that they're sure to be able to use. Any advice? Thanks, Ken. Samplitude Pro X. Version
  3. Thanks Phil and James. Being new to Samplitude, I keep forgetting the mouse modes. I wasn't able to do anything because I was in object mode. K.
  4. Hi folks. Just getting started with Samplitude Pro X here. I can't see how to edit existing volume curves in Track Automation. I've written a volume curve in trim mode for a track (ie moved fader while playing back in trim mode). Now I want to make a volume change happen later than I originally recorded it. I can see the curve, but I can't select the points on it to drag them to where I want them to be. (See image). in my old system (Logic), I could select automation mode and just click on and drag the points on the curve. Is this possible in Sam Pro X? Thanks in anticipation for any help. K.
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