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  1. I prefer the Nebula plugins to VST plugins for saturation.. I don't mean to hijack your thread, but if you are after saturation, I suggest you try some Nebula libraries. Cheers, Bob.
  2. That's very impressive. Thanks mate.
  3. Irvin, I have not read into Sebastian's comments, nor do I see, a single thing that you have read or that you see. Each to their own, and for their own reasons. Cheers, Bob.
  4. I'm 57 & swing both ways, but I like to remind myself that it's not about the pretty graphics. And sometimes, I even succeed! Cheers, Bob.
  5. Things look normal here to me.......... Cheers, Bob.
  6. I just watched the video, Kraznet. Wow...... Cheers, Bob.
  7. Speaking of Reaper efficiency.......... how did Samp go from being amongst the most efficient (maybe the most, apart from Saw) DAW's (from v2 up until maybe 8 or so) to, well, not amongst the most efficient? Cheers, Bob.
  8. Hey Kraznet. My CPU tests with Reaper were not as comprehensive as yours, but yielded similar results when pack to the rafters with audio files & dozens of FX. Cheers, Bob.
  9. Maybe in theory, however, in practice, the plugins dedicated to this function ( "DeVerberate" & "Unveil") operate far more effectively. Cheers, Bob.
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