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  1. competitors surely whackos notch in front of his home crowd here so this is going to be fascinating nosh strikes first but as a contest between the a way to call the left and awesome used his legs to look at the whole all solar power does news is next sold Spading Skolt the sizzling good from stoke-on-Trent now she's beginning to struggle just little bit around slowing down %uh I do. has taken the challenge to him and50 the come on let's go Scopus 17 be on conduct a superb effort by Andy Hall doesn't have his pickup truck called for I'm FB1-TEST thinking like a I'll our souls in stock it was a sent to the lower body count against the upper body power though Laughlin Michael Patter I cast his eye is going to be a disadvantage here have gone on Grace all bank always so what he did with the bus despite his light bodyweight he has got phenomenally big OMS this is going to be very interesting the such tension out there you can almost cut it well don't know this all bank won this event no way Strongest . http://fb1testadvice.com/
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